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Swansea Presenter and Producer Launch New CBeebies Folktales Series

CBeebies viewers are set for a captivating voyage of discovery with the launch of a charming new story-telling series,Happy Tent Tales. The series introduces timeless folktales from around the globe to a new preschool audience.

Commissioned by CBeebies and produced by Ivy House Productions the series of twenty programmes is exclusively available on BBC iPlayer with five new episodes posted every Saturday from 21st April through to 12th May.

The series collects tales from around the globe and retells them in a way that creates an immersive and stimulating experience for a young audience.

Presented by newcomer Karina O’Malley, Happy Tent Tales embraces the idea of traditional storytelling and shares tales that explore themes of nature, kindness, friendship and courage – using a unique blend of movement, music and rhyme.

The stories are written in rhyming couplets giving them an invigorating rhythm and a pace designed to hold a young child’s attention. After each tale Karina leaves the listening children with a question or thought triggered by the events in the story.

The series features a colourful and vibrant mix of tales from India, Europe, China, South American and Africa.

Presenter Karina O’Malley said:

“I I am thrilled to be presenting Happy Tent Tales. Its unique mix of wonderful stories, tradition and global culture are a delightful combination for the inquisitive minds of CBeebies viewers!”

Producer and director Jessica Symons from Ivy House Productions said:

Happy Tent Tales has been produced to delight and enchant children through a unique blend of music, movement and rhyme. Children, parents and caregivers are bound to adore Karina O’Malley, who presents with genuine warmth and charm.”