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Techniquest reopens with exciting new feature

Techniquest has reopened its doors this week after a brief closure during September and is showing off a very exciting new feature.

The ‘Living Wall’ has landed at Techniquest, and its unique style is a perfect teaser for the changes that visitors can expect in 2020.

Techniquest last year announced plans for its ‘Science Capital’; due to open next year with an exciting 50 new exhibits to showcase, 60% additional floor space, and completely refreshed with a new look.

What can visitors expect from the Living Wall?

Containing 8 different plant species, the 12.34m2 luscious green wall is visible on the lower level. Complete with a high-end irrigation system, plants will be constantly cared for to ensure they always look healthy and get the right amount of water each day. With constant worries on the world’s climate and environmental change, Techniquest made the logical decision to bring in the Living Wall to engage and inspire its visitors with ecosystems.

The Living Wall acts as an educational exhibit, allowing for Techniquest to not only talk about the benefits of the plants in its building, but also the technology and the science behind the wall’s irrigation system. The wall also contains a brand-new 3m fish tank, as part of a new water area.

Not only is the Wall aesthetically pleasing, but it will bring a better quality of air to the centre. Plants remove significant quantities of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the air, and ultimately will reduce Techniquest’s CO2 levels.

James Summers, Head of Projects at Techniquest commented on the new Living Wall, saying;

“The Living Wall is an exciting new feature to arrive at the centre, and we look forward to showing our visitors just how we’ll be refreshing Techniquest for the ‘Science Capital’.

“The Living Wall gives us an opportunity to expand our educational offerings and discuss important topics in new ways, such as climate change and the overall health of our environment.”

Techniquest’s Science Capital and its new exhibitions will focus on five key themes – Medical Biology, Environmental Science, Space, World Issues and Chemistry, with eventually more to follow.

Last week, Techniquest opened a shop in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay to ensure its visitors were still able to purchase their favourite science gadgets and gifts during its brief September closure. The shop is bursting with products suitable for all ages and abilities at reasonable prices.

Techniquest has a timetable packed full of shows and workshops throughout October and beyond. To see what’s on and to book your tickets, visit: https://www.techniquest.org/plan-your-visit/whats-on/