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The Benefits Of Using Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in today’s world. With 2 billion users monthly, Facebook is a rapidly growing platform. Through Facebook Live, one can directly stream a live video feed on his or her page and get increased exposure. Users can broadcast pages on their timeline live.

In recent times, it has been seen that people prefer to watch videos compared to reading blogs. Around 80% of consumers prefer watching live videos. And a live video receives 82% more responses than social media posts.  

Facebook Live is fast gaining popularity among youth and mature clientele. The most important feature of Facebook Live is the interactive aspect. Users tend to watch and comment on more live videos than normal videos. You will also get real Facebook likes from genuinely interested people. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of using this feature.


Every business looks for cost-effective brand promotion techniques, and Facebook Live is one option that they can use for promotion and reaching out to the maximum customer base. It is free and available to all users. You can go live instantly if you have a webcam or smartphone. One can use Facebook Live as a marketing platform, media to raise awareness, etc. One can boost sales through live interactions, improve the network, and grow one’s business without much investment. 

Connect with the target audience:

Most of us use Facebook these days. Hence, the audience base that one can reach through Facebook Live is huge. If your page has a dedicated clientele, you can build long-lasting relationships with them through Facebook Live.

Real-time engagement:

You can engage with your viewers on a real-time basis. You can create live questions and answers and get feedback from your viewers. Not only that, but you can create engaging content and maximize exposure through this platform.

Ease of use and high reach:

Facebook is extremely easy to use. Hence, it is used by millions of people worldwide. Making and streaming videos here is very easy. You can reach people from all walks of life – students, housewives, professionals – all can be your audience.

Going live through mobile phone:

The technological intervention makes it easier for people to access Facebook via phone. You can go to Facebook Live from anywhere. So the process has become all the more lucid and easy to use. If your budget is constrained, and you need a proper marketing strategy, then Facebook Live is one of the best avenues you may think of taking.

Reduced effort and high impact

Normal videos require a lot of editing and post-production modifications. One needs to create the content, write a script, shoot a proper video, edit it end to end and then stream it. All this requires a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time. Facebook Live does away with all these requirements, as videos streamed on Facebook Live require no such editing. At the end of the video, you shall have already interacted with your audience, created a market presence – all without having wasted time on editing and post-production activities.

Increases traffic and engagement:

Facebook Live helps increase traffic to one’s business page. Users who have liked the content in the past are likely to come back to your page for more. Facebook Live allows for real-time interactions and helps promote a brand. Facebook Live helps reach out to maximum people and encourages people’s engagement, and also enhances credibility.

Concluding thoughts

Facebook Live has proved to be a blessing for many individuals and small businesses. Those who cannot afford to spend a lot of money on promotions can use this platform to give their business the much-needed boost. It is a brilliant way to interact with your customers, create long-lasting relationships with your clients, promote your brand and boost your business to grow at an unprecedented rate. It can be safely said that Facebook Live is here to stay.