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The Best Quest Rewards in OSRS

For the best quest rewards in OSRS, you’re going to need to know where to get started.

As well as earning OSRS gold and experience in Old School Runescape, we also have a way of earning quest points. Naturally, these are earned by doing quests. No that they are the only rewards that you can expect from completing such feats. You can expect a wide variety of rewards in fact, ranging from OSRS items, access to new areas and much more. But which quests have the best rewards? In this article we will be looking at what quests you can do to get some amazing rewards.

Lost City

Once you have gotten to the point of having level 60 attack, then you are going to want to take part in this quest. The reason being is that you can get neat set of rewards that are going to benefit you. From Lost City, you will be able to use dragon daggers and longswords. If you are still relatively new to the game, then you are going to see this as a great boost in power compared to what you may have experienced so far.

Legends’ Quest

In the Legends’ Quest, you will find that you need a lot of quest points to even start it. You will also be on a journey to prove your worth to the legend’s guild. That aside, going through all of this will be worth your time. You are going to gain a wealth of experience for a start, with 7,650 XP in a variety of different skills being up for grabs. You can also equip the dragon SQ shield, which is the strongest square shield in the entire game. You can also equip the cape of legends too, which is considered to be a status symbol of sorts given what you have to go through in order to get one yourself.

Heroes’ Quest

Similarly, the Heroes’ Quest also has a reward that is worth your while looking into. So far, we have been granted the ability to get a number of dragon items that can be equipped when completing a quest. This is a special emphasis that dragon related weaponry and OSRS items in general are of great use in OSRS.

As far as the Heroes’ Quest goes, you are given the option of being able to use dragon battleaxes when completing the quest. The weapons like Twisted bow for example can be of great use throughout your time in OSRS, no matter what point of the game you are up to. You can also use charge amulets of glory as well when going to the heroes’ guild. This let’s you use teleports that are great ways of getting around.

Dragon Slayer

If you have a free account with Old School Runescape, and you have reached a point where you want to exhausted nearly all of the questing content that the game has to offer you, that you might be at the point of taking on the Dragon Slayer quest.

This is an important quest for you to participate in due to the rewards it has to offer. It’s a great transitional quest of sorts going from free-to-play over to members only, as it offers you the chance to equip rune plate mail. Having rune armour is vital for those with a free account, as it is the best they can get with their version of the game. Without completing this quest, you won’t be able to gain access to it. Members meanwhile can take advantage of doing the quest to get rune armour to see them through whilst they level their skills.

Desert Treasure

Shifting gears from dragon related rewards, Desert Treasure is a must-have quest to have completed if you are into using magic for combat. Once you have finished it, you will get the spellbook of Ancient Magicks. This will give you the opportunity to use very powerful spells in Old School Runescape. You get access to the likes of smoke spells to poison your enemies with, or blood spells to heal you with, amongst a number of others. So, if casting awesome spells is something that you have been looking into, then get started with the Desert Treasure quest if you haven’t already.

These are just a few of the amazing quest rewards you can get in OSRS. If you would like to get more expensive OSRS items in the game, then remember you could opt to buy OSRS gold if you wish. You can do this by finding a site that has OSRS gold for sale if you need more.

Have you gained any of these OSRS quest rewards? Let us know in the comments section below!