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The impact of Brexit on the Welsh health and social care system

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the Welsh NHS Confederation’s Policy Forum has identified 10 key outcomes needed for health and social care in Wales following Brexit.

Vanessa Young, Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation said:

“Brexit brings uncertainty in a number of important areas across the health and social care sector in Wales. Our Policy Forum has considered the possibilities post-Brexit and produced 10 outcomes for health and social care we need to see from UK Government’s negotiations and beyond.

“From a workforce perspective we need to continue to attract high calibre professionals and trainees to our health and care services, which includes be able to continue to recognise training and qualifications from the EU. The flip side of that is being able to still get alerts on people who are prohibited or restricted to practice in Europe so they don’t come to work in the UK.

“The rights of both health and social care workers and patients are protected under current EU laws and we need to make sure these are incorporated into UK law before Brexit.

“Our ability to lead the world in research, innovation and the development of new technology is very much tied to collaboration with EU science and research experts. Welsh patients and staff benefit from advances in medication and treatment – the question is, will we still have access to these opportunities post-Brexit?

“With further concerns about valuable EU funding, reciprocal healthcare arrangements and the EHIC, co-ordination on public health issues and a raft of legislation that affects health and social care, there is a lot to consider as we approach UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

“We will continue to engage with Welsh Government and play an active part in the Brexit Health Alliance and Cavendish Coalition to keep health and social care high on the UK Government’s Brexit negotiation agenda.”

Read the full report on – http://www.nhsconfed.org/resources/2018/06/wales-policy-forum-key-issues-for-brexit