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The Largest Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the US, Coinbase Has SAND Now

The concept of the Metaverse is a great deal in the current time. All the Cryptocurrency exchanges are looking forward to including such tokens along with their functions. The exchanges are in tough competition to acquire the market of such Metaverses. They have been fighting to take the market of the Metaverse under their control. Planning to invest in cryptos? Check Bit Profit and you can easily invest in cryptos.

In recent news, the listing of SAND by Coinbase is a new attraction. This famous exchange includes the token in its offerings. Coinbase will offer the token in more than 100 nations including the US.

Metaverse And Its Fame

The concept of the Metaverse is becoming very famous in the field of Cryptocurrency in the current times. About 100 Metaverse projects are running at present. These projects are running with different utilities and ideas.

Other than the formation of NFTs and the gaming industry, this network is the base for many other industries as well. This is possible only due to their excellent marketing strategies. The aspect of Sandbox is a similar project to the Metaverse. It is formed based on two games that were a hit in the earlier times.

  • The Sandbox has several advanced features like Marketplace, VoxEdit, along with Game Maker.
  • The platform has its tokens for the purchase of games or other in-built items within the game and Metaverse.
  • You can monetize your creations along with the experience of gaming with the help of its tokens, LAND, and SAND.
  • The platform is also rising in its popularity. It is because many famous companies are showing interest in creating their base in this digital space.
  • The major collaborators of this platform in the recent period include several pop brands such as Jamiroquai.
  • It also collaborates with banking agents such as HSBC.
  • The platform has also joined hands with the creator of K-content, Studio Dragon in the digital area.

With the increase in interest of the famous brands on this platform, the value of the token is rising over time. SAND is experiencing high growth at the current time. Looking at this growth, the popular Cryptocurrency exchanges are including the Metaverse tokens in their list. The tokens such as SAND are also on the list of Coinbase due to the increase in their value and utility. In the future, it may also be included in many other famous exchanges of digital currencies.

Coinbase and SAND

Coinbase holds its position as one of the largest exchanges for Crypto trading in the US. It is one of the most efficient and secure trading platforms. The users trust it due to its features like safe offline storage along with famous Cryptocurrencies. It functions in more than 100 nations.

This exchange is accessible and a transparent system that is powered by Cryptocurrency. With the help of this platform, you can receive and send digital currencies very fast and securely.

  • This large player in this field of Cryptocurrency is now including SAND, which is a token of Sandbox.
  • You can trade SAND from Coinbase now and experience transactions at a faster speed.
  • Due to this, SAND will become more famous and visible because Coinbase operates in hundreds of nations.
  • The certified users of Coinbase are around 98 million. These users can now trade SAND as well. So, it will be beneficial for Sandbox.
  • Many famous institutions, around 13000 of them, trust Coinbase.
  • It also has more than two lakhs ecosystem partners making it a strong exchange.

All these aspects are adding to the fact that it will be a good chance for Sandbox to become popular. Also, it will reach more users in this manner.


With the inclusion of SAND in such a famous platform as Coinbase, it can expand its reach in the market. More users will get to know about its features and utilities. This will attract them to trade in it.

The Sandbox has advanced features that are helping to build many other projects. Coinbase is not the first one that is listing this token. To make it easy for the investors to access it in their region, the Cryptocurrency exchange of Japan also listed this token a few days back. These Metaverse projects have the potential to raise more in the future. And, you can try investing in these as well!