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The Mirror Crack’d, New Theatre Cardiff – Review

Thanks to the New Theatre, Cardiff and the Wales Millennium Centre for inviting us along to see the show in exchange for this review.

Wales Millennium Centre and Wiltshire Creative come together to showcase an intriguing adaptation of Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Sidemurder mystery.

Before writing this, I must admit I have never read this piece by Agatha Christie, so watching it on stage was the first time I saw the story surrounding Heather Leigh’s murder unravel in front of me.

Susie Blake (Miss Marple)

It all begins with Miss Marple, an older lady who is bound to her chair after injuring herself and now relies on the support from others. The small-town Miss Marple lives in has seen a lot of excitement in recent days, which Miss Marple had to miss out on. Hollywood star Marina Gregg has moved into town and holds a soiree at her new home. The evening quickly turns sour, as one of the local fans, Heather Leigh, is poisoned during the evening.

Katherine Manners (Heather Leigh)

Taking things into her own hands and intrigued by the events of the evening, Miss Marple doesn’t want to sit on the side line as she joins Chief Inspector Craddock and searches for the truth of what occurred that evening.

Susie Blake (Miss Marple), Simon Shepherd (Dermot Craddock)

As characters unfold the events of the evening to Miss Marple, you’ll continuously find yourself amid the characters on the night of the murder and slowly understand what happened. In an engaging exchange of light and sound, you’re bound to move between time – between the night of the poisoning and the days of Miss Marple investigating.

Susie Blake portrays Miss Marple in a charming way and shows that the character is far from an older lady. She’s able to highlight Miss Marple’s youthfulness, quick wit and understanding of people’s nature to the audience, and makes you realise that it is Miss Marple who is the bold inspector and observer in this play.

This is a great story that highlights how as individuals, we tend to spin our own stories and colour our memories, creating the truth we would like to remember. Only when all these versions come together, the façades of characters start to crack, memories resurface, and the truth ultimately comes to light.

The Mirror Crack’d is not just for the Agatha Christie lovers, instead, it allows you to join Miss Marple and Chief Inspector Craddock, in a captivating play that will have you wondering who poisoned who on the evening of the murder.

The Mirror Crack’d will be performed in The New Theatre until Saturday 6 April. are available from the Box Office on (029) 2087 8889 and here.

*Photos: Helen Murray