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The New Beef Biltong Snack Means You’ll Never Be Hangry Again

Biltong is probably the best high protein snack that anyone can enjoy because it is both healthy and convenient and fairly easy to come by. Now that more people have become familiar with this Southern African treat, the vast ways to enjoy it is being explored by everyone from culinary chefs to moms with teething babies.

embersnacks.com are bringing you the latest in a variety of delicious biltong snacks that you can enjoy on the go or at home. There are many flavours to choose from and they make excellent additions to gift baskets if you’ve run out of creative ways to gift family and friends, but the people best benefiting from this convenience are hikers and avid travellers. Biltong stores very well and because it is basically a spiced preserve, the spices used to add the flavour and help with the curing process are also the thing that keeps it fresh even after the bag has been opened.

Chasing away the “hanger” pains

We all have those days where we didn’t pack lunch the night before and we are having a really busy day, with no time to grab lunch or a snack. Coffee, tea or glasses of water just won’t do the trick and you start to feel a bit of a mood stir from the pit of your belly. This is known by the new millennials as being hangry where you are ready to snap at anything or anyone because your tummy is starting to rumble just a little bit and you are out of things to eat. For moments like this biltong would make a great handbag addition so you will have something to nibble on whether you are out running errands or you are stuck at your desk, trying to get all your work done before hometime. It is an affordable snack and you could keep a few bags stashed away in your desk, car or bag just in case you forget to pack lunch again.

As for travellers and hikers, they can have it while walking from sight to sight without skipping a beat on their journey. It is high in protein to keep you full, iron to keep you energised and flavour to keep you satisfied. 25g is enough to make up for your daily protein intake so not only are you eating something that is easy to access, but you are also taking in a food source that your body really benefits from. As for all things, moderation is key and even though biltong is a really great snack to keep away the “hanger pains”, it is not a recommended meal and should still be enjoyed in moderation. If you haven’t tried this phenomenal snack yet or want to know more about the different flavours and meats that are used for making biltong then head on over to Ember Snacksand put an end to your hanger pains with their great selection of treats.