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The new technologies helping businesses

There’s no denying the impact that technology has had on business practices. It has revolutionised communication channels between business partners, transformed the way in which businesses advertise and market their goods, as well as how they stay connected with their customers.

The world of technology is moving so fast that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the innovations that can help businesses. Here, we take a look at some of the new technologies that allow business-owners to further streamline their operations, ensure their employees stay productive and give their business the best opportunity to thrive:

1. Wireless on the Go

If you and your employees often travel for business, connectivity is vital in helping you to stay productive when you’re on the go. For example, using WiFi in your car can help you stay on top of latest developments and continue with work or respond to emails if you’re the passenger.

You can connect to WiFi in your car by using your phone as a wireless hotspot, using a WiFi adapter or by installing a permanent modem/router. If your budget allows it, you can even upgrade to a truly connected car like the Audi A3, Tesla Model S and Volvo XC90.

In addition, the introduction of 5G, which is in planning this year with an estimated rollout in 1-3 years, will be a huge advantage to businesses. It will bring improved speed and performance to smartphones, as well as better battery life. This could open up many new opportunities, allowing businesses to set up their own private 5G data networks and benefitting companies with remote workforces.

2. Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN is often used in workplaces to improve working practices. It links multiple computers using wireless communication to create a local area network, allowing users the ability to move around the office and stay connected.

Investing in a sophisticated wireless LAN service, such as the service provided by Redcentric PLC, allows users to bring their own devices into work and easily connect to the network. This seamless connectivity allows for more integrated operations within a business, as well as better communications and increased flexibility for employees.

3. Digitised Spaces

Digitisation is a key way for businesses to improve their efficiency, consistency and quality. It can analyse real user data, help to reduce overheads and other operating costs, improve accessibility and facilitate better customer service. But how?

By digitising your space, you are converting information from the natural environment into a computerised format. For example, if you have a brick and mortar store, you could track a customer’s journey through their WiFi connection, allowing you to see clearly consumer patterns, how they move through the space and which areas are the least utilised.

For business-owners looking for the latest technologies to help them improve the performance of their business in 2019, these three innovations are a great place to start!