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Things to Avoid When You’re Under Medication

Being under medication can be exhausting. It might even disrupt your everyday life. You have to stop whatever you’re doing to take medicines and rest for a while before moving again. There are also potential side effects that you have to deal with. However, remember that the process will help you on your path to recovery. If you want to get it over with quickly, here are a few things you need to avoid.

Not taking your medicines on time

When your doctor tells you to take medicine after breakfast and before dinner, you should do it. You can’t miss the suggested time, even if you have other things on your plate. Recovery will get delayed further because you’re not faithful to the plan. However, if you forgot what you were supposed to take during the day, don’t make it up by taking more later in the evening. It will only worsen the situation. Instead, forget what you missed and get back to your regular cycle the next day.

Not following the prescription correctly

Once you finish going to the doctor’s clinic for a check-up, you will receive a prescription. Make sure you follow what you need to do until you recover. For example, you can buy antibiotics online at Anytime Doctor, as prescribed by your doctor to fight bacteria in your body. If given a specific dosage, you can’t go higher or lower. Otherwise, you will further delay your path to recovery.

Drinking alcohol and caffeine

You must never mix alcoholic drinks and coffee with your pills. Wait until you stop medicating before taking these drinks again. It’s even more beneficial if you let go of them completely. Apart from delayed recovery, you might also suffer from other medical conditions because of these factors.

Stressing out

You’re already going through a physical challenge. You can’t pile up on it with a mental health issue. Never stress out for whatever reason. If other things cause these problems, let go of them. If you feel stressed due to the illness itself, be more optimistic. You will soon recover, and there’s no need to worry.

Doing intense physical activities

There’s nothing wrong with your effort to stay fit and go to the gym. However, these intense physical activitiesmight affect your recovery. Try to slow down for a while until you finish medicating. You can always consider these exercises once you start feeling better.


Wait for a while until you feel the effects of the prescription. If you don’t see any positive changes, it doesn’t mean you’re getting worse. It takes time before your body feels the effects of the medicine. You must be patient and not try to self-diagnose. You can never rely on information found online. If anything, you’re only making things worse.

It’s never easy to recover from whatever medical condition you face. However, when you seek medical treatment, you’re on your way to recovery. If not, seek help from a different physician.