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Three new vegan specials coming to The Coconut Tree Cardiff

Pioneering Sri-Lankan restaurant group The Coconut Tree will introduce three new, plant-based dishes to their menu to celebrate Veganuary.

Available for a limited time only (from 2nd January until 13th February 2020), the new dishes add to the existing 15 plant-based options available on the menu, which is naturally abundant in vegan tropical cuisine.

The new vegan dishes on offer at the group’s six restaurants in Cheltenham, Bristol, Oxford, Cardiff and Bournemouth are:

  1. TCT Potato – Lightly spiced, oven roast potatoes entwined with caramelised onions, a smattering of chilli and fresh curry leaf.
  2. Brinjals – Lightly fried and tossed wambatu (aubergine), with sliced onion, tomato and coriander. This is a great side dish to mix with one of The Coconut Tree’s vegan mains.
  3. Malay Pickle (Achcharu) – This pickle of a dish is inspired by the Malay settlers of Sri Lanka. Banana peppers and sliced onions mixed with carrot, dates, a touch of chilli and apple cider vinegar.

The existing vegan options on the menu at The Coconut Tree include tapas-style plates including ‘Hoppers’ – a bowl shaped coconut milk pancake served with sambal & Sri Lankan Salsa, ‘Cashew Nuts’ and green peas soaked and cooked in coconut cream; and a firm favourite, their ‘Fat Sister Pumpkin Curry’ made with fragrant curry leaves, garlic and green chilli. Meanwhile, their vegan ‘Kotthu’ is a fine example of a local hybrid served all over the country as a luxurious street food, made with finely chopped rotti cooked with a variety of fresh vegetables.

The ‘three vegan dishes for £10’ offer will be available every day until 7pm, from 2nd January until 13th February 2020.

And for those giving ‘Dry January’ a go this year, The Coconut Tree’s new Fallen Porn Star ‘cocotail’ (£6) is an alcohol-free twist on the classic cocktail, which blends Seedlip botanicals with passion fruit puree, pineapple juice, coconut and pineapple syrup (add Ciroc French Vanilla to make it a classic Porn Star for £3 extra.)