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University students set Carbon Neutral Cardiff Challenge

Some of the brightest young minds in Cardiff have set to work developing solutions to the challenge of creating a carbon neutral Council.

The latest figures, for 2020/21 showed a 13% reduction in Cardiff Council’s carbon emissions compared to the previous year as work progressed on the local authority’s One Planet Cardiff strategy in response to the climate emergency.

This term Cardiff Metropolitan University students taking a Business Solutions and Transformation module will be looking at opportunities to further accelerate this reduction.

Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Cllr Caro Wild, said: “Climate change is going to have a massive impact on our young people and this module is a way of engaging future business leaders with some of the real-life issues that large organisations face as they respond to the climate emergency.

“The more people we can get thinking about how best to quickly and successfully make the changes we all know need making, and then going on to implement those solutions as they enter the world of work, the better.”

Gary Samuel, a Senior Lecturer in the University’s School of Management, said: “Cardiff Council’s involvement with the Business Solutions and Transformation module is a fantastic and much appreciated opportunity for our postgraduate students to apply their knowledge, learning and experience to the pressing real-world challenge of addressing climate change.

“Students will develop and present solutions on behaviour change strategies and how they can be implemented in a large dynamic organisation as part of the Council’s aim to become carbon neutral. The authentic learning gained from this opportunity will be invaluable and our graduates will be able to take this with them into their respective careers as future global business leaders.”