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Wales Making Waves in Video Games

When it comes to the development of video games, traditional attention goes to the likes of America, Japan, and England. The last few generations have challenged this former status quo, however, with a wide range of different countries getting dipping their toes into the water of gaming. Wales is one such place, where gaming has expanded rapidly in terms of both player base and development studios. From gambling to casual and hardcore play, Wales contains a significant modern market, and it’s only going to get bigger.

As a Game Producer

According to a Clwstwr Wales game survey performed in 2021, there are at least 69 active video game companies in Wales. Most of these are clustered in the north and south, with the Cardiff region acting as the most pronounced hotspot. This survey notes that the recent rapid expansion into the gaming space is likely to leverage the 2.9 billion and counting total gamers, in a market now worth $200 billion.

Most of the development performed by Welsh companies focuses on the PC space, with mobile game development the next most popular option. Of the 26 respondents in the survey, 11 were freelancers, while 15 acted as registered companies. The typical studio has between 3-10 employees, while only one company contained more than 50 workers. With the player base constantly expanding, the number of businesses focusing on video games is expected to grow.

By the Players

Players in Wales enjoy a broad selection of different genres, but in terms of what is popular, attention is given to action, adventure, shooters, and sports games. According to Statista, this is common in the UK, with many western audiences following similar genre interests.

The level of engagement players have with the different genres also varies wildly, from casual to professional play. As a related arm of digital entertainment, this is similarly seen in online casino titles. When playing mFortune Casino, players have the choice to engage deliberately with bonuses and promotions or jump right in straight away. Available over mobile or desktop play for long or short sessions in titles like slots, blackjack, or poker, there isn’t one approach that rules them all.

The same is especially visible in the FPS and action video gaming space. Here, eSports titles Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Tekken 7 have been popular enough to have official teams listed on eSports Wales, but this is only for the most hardcore of the hardcore. Casual players also find a home in these titles in Wales, with player numbers in local servers growing by the month.

With a legacy in gaming dating back to the early 1980s and the ZX Spectrum, Wales has consistently punched above its weight. Going on to be responsible for international hits like Soccer Manager and the Dance Party series of titles, both production and player involvement covers the full range of what gaming offers. As the 2020s only push gaming even further, Welsh investment is still evolving, and there’s never been a better time to get involved.