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Welsh archery club sets up fundraiser for Ukrainian archer

Kate Andrusenko

A Welsh archery club has launched a GoFundMe campaign to support a young Ukrainian archer who had to leave many of her belongings, including her archery kit, behind when she fled the war in Ukraine.

Perriswood Bowmen, located near Oxwich on the Gower, has launched the fundraising campaign with the aim of raising enough money to help 20-year-old Ukrainian Kate Andrusenko continue her archery training and return to competing at the same level she did in her home country.

The fundraiser has a target of £2,100, which will help Kate purchase the equipment she needs and restart her archery career, here in the UK.

Kate Andrusenko

20-year-old Kate Andrusenko is currently being hosted by a family near Swansea. Since arriving in the UK, Kate, who first started archery aged 11, has joined Perriswood Bowmen, who have supported her return to the sport.

Of the support Perriswood Bowmen has provided to date, Kate said: “Since arriving in Wales, the archery club at Perriswood, Gower have been extremely kind and helpful in enabling me to regain a level of practice but also more importantly, have given me a sense of normality, of the life I had back home.

“I am eager to re-start training at the level of which I enjoyed back in Ukraine, and to hopefully compete here in the UK. I wish to be able to continue regular practice and competitions here, so that when I return to Ukraine, I can continue my dream to join the Ukrainian National Team and take part (and win!) national and international competitions.”

Simon Browning of Perriswood Bowmen said: “Kate’s displacement from her home meant she had to leave all but the essentials behind her. She is settling into Welsh life but misses the discipline of training and being involved in competition. As a club we wanted to help her get back to the sport she loves, which is why we’ve launched this fundraiser.

“Kate’s great passion is archery, a sport she uses for mental and physical health. We hope to be able to provide equipment to replace the bow, arrows and other equipment that she was forced to leave behind when she fled her country. As a club and community we truly want to support her in re-engaging with the sport and help her regain a sense of normality and happiness.”

Those wishing to support this fundraising campaign can donate here:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/kate-andrusenko-restart-her-archery-career