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Welsh businesses ahead of curve when it comes to digital making a difference

Welsh businesses are a step ahead of most of the UK when it comes to implementing digital changes that make their workplace better, according to a recent survey from KPMG UK.

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The survey, which questioned more than 1,000 UK employees about digital transformation, found that London based staff were most positive on the subject, with 78% saying that digital changes had made their workplace more efficient.



Encouragingly Wales was only just behind, with 74% of workers feeling the same. Meanwhile the survey found that an average of 71% of workers in the North and South of England had seen benefits from a digital transformation, with that figure being just 70% for the Midlands.

Overall the survey indicated that the UK is taking the need for digital seriously says Lisa Heneghan, Chief Digital Officer at KPMG:

“Businesses are making excellent ground in adopting digital technologies that are helping them to improve efficiency, productivity and output.

“Fewer than one in ten people across the UK thought that digital transformation hadn’t had any impact on efficiency which is encouraging. It shows that the vast majority of firms are implementing and nurturing these systems well.”

KPMG’s survey also revealed which industries had seen results from digital transformations.

Business and financial services firms were the most successful in reaping the benefits, with 89% of employees in the sector agreeing that embracing these technologies had helped to improve efficiency at their workplace. IT and Telecoms workers were close behind at 87%, followed by construction staff at 76%.

But the retail sector, one of the earliest adopters of digital transformation due to the move towards ecommerce sales, lagged behind, with just 64% of workers believing digital changes had helped with efficiency.

Lisa added:

“Despite being initially ahead of the game in undergoing digital transformations, retail firms still need to embrace new technology to help protect them against the challenges facing traditional bricks and mortar trading.”