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Welsh rugby fans generate enough energy to power electric car 100km

Rugby fans at this weekend’s Wales v Scotland rugby match are set to deliver an electrifying atmosphere and new data has revealed exactly how much energy supporters will burn cheering on their team.

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The research findings, released by British Gas, reveal how much energy the 74,500 fans in the stadium will generate while watching the gruelling 80-minute match.

The data shows that supporters will burn more than 9.8million calories watching their team, the energy equivalent of powering an electric car for 100km – around the same distance as driving from Cardiff to Carmarthen.

The combined energy used by the fans in the arena will also be enough to make a staggering 6,500 cups of tea.


A rendition of Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau by the Welsh supporters alone will burn more than 4.6million calories, the energy equivalent of powering an LCD TV for three hours.

The Welsh rugby players battling against the Scottish side will burn 19,000 calories in total – enough energy to cook a Sunday roast.

British Gas Smart Energy Expert, Gareth Harrison, who installs smart meters across Cardiff, said:

“There’s a huge sense of pride in Wales when it comes to our rugby team, so it’s no wonder we get excited during matches.

“Fans at this weekend’s game will burn enough energy to power an electric car from Cardiff to Carmarthen, which is staggering!

“While we might not think about the energy we use when we get behind our sporting heroes, it is important we keep an eye on energy use at home.

“Smart meters are a great way of monitoring energy use. They come with a smart energy monitor that shows how much energy is being used in pounds and pence, in near real time, helping to put you in control of your energy use and spend. Our dual fuel customers with smart meters save on average £33 per year.

“They also mean an end to estimated bills and manual meter readings as they automatically send readings to your supplier, so you don’t have to.”

British Gas has installed more than 245,000 smart meters in homes across Wales.