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What Are the Best Baseball Wins in MLB History?

Major League Baseball (MLB) is the world’s oldest major professional sports league. It’s also a professional baseball organization home to 30 teams divided between the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). 

The organization holds a series of games in the regular season annually to playoff the strong teams in the World Series to determine the best in the league. As such, many baseball fans have already witnessed hundreds of events. 

However, have you ever wondered what games have presented the most significant wins? To reel you in, here are the three World Series games that have marked the history of MLB.

1906 World Series: Chicago White Sox vs. Chicago Cubs

The MLB bets are presented to the bettors as the price they need to pay to win a particular amount of money on a bet. However, bettors and fans alike have also utilized the odds to determine what team will win an MLB game. Now, the context is important in this first part because the 1906 World Series is one of the most unforgettable games in MLB history.

The 1906 World Series featured a crosstown matchup between the Chicago White Sox (American League) and the Chicago Cubs (National League). During the regular season, the Chicago Cubs were the favorite to win the postseason World Series. 

They have accumulated around 116 wins with a winning percentage of .763, which is significantly higher than the “Hitless Wonders” from the AL White Sox. Within the six games was made the greatest upset in the football league history.

The White Sox was able to put up a 147-point difference against the Cubs, which is now renowned as the Fall Classic.

2016 World Series: Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians

Before the Cleveland Guardians officially changed their name in November 2021, they were making headlines as Cleveland Indians. In 2016, the Indians made their way to the World Series, considered one of the greatest postseason games ever played. 

They faced the Chicago Cubs in this 112th edition of the World Series, their first time playing against each other. This was also the last time the home-field advantage was determined by the All-Star Game results, which means the American League (AL) champion Cleveland was finally fortunate to experience this setup.

The reason why a lot of people consider this series one of the greatest games is because of the underdog story of both the Cubs and the Indians. Both the Chicago Cubs and the Indians were seeking a chance to break their decades-long curses. Aside from that, the games also faced a random rain delay, which didn’t stop the two teams from attempting to dominate the field completely. 

Fans who have witnessed this event also witnessed how this tightly contested game unfolds with sudden team meetings in a tiny weight room and questionable manager moves. It was in Game 7 that the Cubs overpowered the Indians, finally earning their very first World Series win since 1908.

1960 World Series: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Yankees 

Yet another one of the most competitive games in this list is the 1960 World Series featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees. During the regular season, the Yankees were the heavy favorite because of their very abundant decade, filled with many wins. On the other hand, the Pirates relatively surprised everyone with how well they played during the early season. 

This World Series is also considered one of the most unforgettable Game 7 in history, where the Pirates led the first two innings 4-0 thanks to Bill Virdon and Rocky Nelson. Additionally, in the ninth inning, Bill Mazeroski hit the series-winning home run, which was the only time a winner-take-all World Series game ended with a home run, and this event also became the first World Series to end on a home run.

This win was a significant feat for the Pirates as they faced the strong Yankees. With less expectation to their name, the Pirates were able to face the Yankees, almost ending the game with a tie. It was such a very close series of games that people were not so sure who would win at this point.

2011 World Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

The 107th edition of the World Series is also one for the books, where it’s renowned for being a best-of-seven playoff between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers. The games were filled with several errors and sloppy plays during the first six innings, which eventually tied the two teams in 4-4. 

The National League champion Texas Rangers was able to break the tie in the seventh inning and held 7-4 until David Freese came up with two outs and two runners on. He was on his last strike when he burst to a triple off the right field wall and tied the game. 

Various things put the Cardinals against the wall, but Freese eventually returned to the plate and finished the game with a home run in the eleventh inning. This was the Cardinals’ 11th World Series championship appearance and their seventh win since its foundation.

Final Thoughts

The World Series is one of the most awaited events annually. That’s why a lot of people wait for this particular game series each year. Although many MLB games are worth mentioning, the above games have significantly impacted MLB history, which only proves that every MLB game holds a series of unexpected surprises that you can look forward to. As the MLB opens a new season in 2023, you’re surely in for a new series of unforgettable games.