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What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster and How Does It Work?

A cell phone signal booster or commonly known as a cellular repeater is composed of 3 basic components that are an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and 1 interior antenna. These 3 components work together and form a cellular reception booster. In the following article, it will be explained how a cellular repeater helps in strengthening the network signals, and a few types of mobile amplifiers that are available on the market so that you can a better decision on buying them.

A cell phone reception booster typically is a system in which an amplifier adds power to the network in several directions. The outdoor antenna works as both sender and receiver with maximum power and sensitivity.

The prime purpose of the cellular signal booster is to receive the weak reception around your vehicle, office, or home and making it stronger. After maximizing the reception these amplified signals are emitted through inside antenna where there is a weak signal or even no signal. There are some signals booster which have a reception booster within an indoor antenna apart from there amplifier and 2 antennas, which make them an excellent receptions booster. With these 3 main components, some upgrades are also available. These upgrades include an attenuator that helps in reducing unwanted frequencies, a splitter, a tap machine can also be placed at the amplifier and a lightning surge protector.

Working of a cellular repeater

A cellular repeater or signal booster for carriers is useful where there is a weak signal. The power of signals is often affected by obstructions. Now, these obstructions can be many things or even natural things such as trees, concrete, or even distance. Before getting ahead, remember that cellular or cell phone signals are calculated in dBm that is decibels per milliwatt, this is the unit that is used to calculate the sending and receiving the power of signals.

The strength of signals is based on the field of electric magnitude at the point of intersection. That is often at a distance. This signal strength is also commonly known as received level signals or field strength. While we talk on our phones, the voice is converted into electric signals and are admitted as radio waves. The phone on the other side converts those signals into sound. Now let’s see how an amplifier plays its role in this.

The process starts with a reception catching by an outdoor antenna. It is then amplified by the amplifier and rebroadcasted across the entire area through an indoor or inside antenna. The outcome is a well-powered reception that ends up in more bars on your cell phone even in the far places. So that you can enjoy uninterrupted calls and internet browning.  This is how every other signal or reception booster works. These boosters work on all technology platforms including, CDMA, EVDO, HSPA+, GSM, UMTS, TDMA, and newest LTE.

Wireless Cell Phone Extender Nikrans NS300 GW works with all carrier providers including O2, THREE, Vodafone, and EE plus all other providers in the UK. repeaters also work with all kinds of sim devices, whether it’s your iPad, wireless internet, or cell phones. Using this the signal quality jumps from 2G to 3G and 3G to 4G LTE.

Having a cellular signal booster comes with many advantages. When your phone is getting plenty of strong signals, its battery life will also be extended, since your phone is not spending battery on its antenna to catch enough signals. Though, you can also get an amplifier that is particularly for diverse mobiles.

If you are up to buy a cellular repeater, note that you never buy an unlicensed or illegal booster. All of the Nikrans booster FCC certified and are legal to use commercially or privately.