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Why People Still Fax – Benefits of Fax

Faxing used to be a symbol of outdated technology that has been superseded by new advanced network solutions. However, contrary to popular belief, fax machines are making a comeback. In fact, 43 million fax machines are in use worldwide, with millions more purchased annually.

The fax machine kept up with technological advancement and is now adapted to new solutions. Many companies chose to send and receive faxes over emails. It has plenty of advantages and is commonly used in the health care and financial sectors. If you think that nobody uses fax machines anymore, you are more than wrong. Learn why:

1.   Faxing Is Fast and Easy

Firstly, now there are fax services such as FaxBurner that allow you to operate the system with your phone. You can easily send and receive free taxes to your email or iPhone and turn them into the fax machine. The main advantage of that operation is that it saves you time. You no longer need to scan the whole document, upload it, and send it via email. It transmits the document instantly only after putting it in a document feeder and entering the number of the receiver.

Moreover, although emails work quickly, if you need to attach a large file, uploading it can last longer than sending and receiving faxes. If you start faxing in your company, you can use cloud-based fax services that can also send images or PDF files.

You don’t need to use computer networks in order to send and receive the fax. You can transmit the documents over telephone lines. Of course, with technological advancement, you can also do that via the internet, but it’s not obligatory. Depending on the recipient of the documents, you can choose the transfer way adjusted to your needs. And if there’s a network breakdown or your WiFi signal is spotty that day – sending a fax is a great solution, especially if it’s a matter of urgency.

Finally, for many office workers, faxing is one of their work habits, and they can’t imagine not using a fax machine.

2.   Security

Security is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of faxing. When sending important information via email, there’s always a risk. You might become a victim of a cyberattack, or your account can be hacked. But fax machines are not the hackers’ target. When you receive an email, you might get an uncertified message or attachment with malware. Even though fax systems can use internet connection now, it’s still the safest way of communication as it uses a private, secure connection and an individual, unique fax number.

On the internet, somebody can steal your confidential data or damage your files. After sending a fax, you always receive a confirmation that your document has been sent and delivered, so you can be sure that the message got right away to the recipient that is nobody else than the intended one. Hence your privacy is secured.

As fax machines are more secure and prevent personal data breaches, it’s common in national health service. Each person’s data must be transferred to the intended recipient in the health system. Due to the HIPAA-compliant fax system, you can be sure that personal privacy is secured, and the number of people who can see the information is limited if it’s sent via fax. It meets the standards of administrative security and privacy laws in the healthcare industry.

3.   Electronic Signature

Online fax services allow their users to have personalized digital signatures, which can be used while sending any confidential file. It is beneficial as you can have a more professional image and show that your company is reliable.

Moreover, electronic signatures can help you save your time. If you want to sign a document that you’ve received, you need to print it out, sign, scan, and finally resend it. When it comes to fax servers, you can sign it even without printing the document in the first place. If you’re always in a rush, you can do that even with your phone.


It’s not without a reason that we can observe such vast growth in the fax industry. It’s a new solution for business owners who want to message their partners and clients safely. It’s easy to use, convenient, and reliable.

Sending and receiving faxes is fast and secure. You can be sure that each person who should get the intended message would get it if it’s sent with your fax machine. Hence, fax technology benefits are vast. Consider joining the happy fax users group!