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Working Wales’ top six CV writing tips for the new year

The new year often brings with it a sense of motivation that many of us don’t experience the same throughout the next 12 months, especially when it comes to making big decisions, such as changing jobs.

To help the people of Wales capitalise on their ‘new year, new me’ motivation, Working Wales (delivered by Careers Wales) has shared its six top tips for writing an impactful CV.

Denise Currell, head of people development, said: “Make sure your CV includes up to date and professional contacts, not the inappropriate email address you set up when you were 13-years-old. You could set up a separate email account for your search, that way all of your emails about jobs will be in one place and easier to access.

“While it’s tempting to show off all that you do, try to avoid listing all the tasks you’re responsible for and instead include the skills involved.

“Job seekers should also tailor their CV to each to each application, not just the cover letter.

“Also, if you have a large gap in your CV, don’t be afraid to explain it upfront. You don’t even need to give too much detail, for example, ‘personal issues preventing employment’ can suffice.

“You want to make it easier for the person reading it so try using bullet points to list skills and duties instead of paragraphs.

“My final tip is that unless it’s requested otherwise, always send your document as a PDF. This will ensure there’s no weird formatting the other side and the person  is reading it as intended.”