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Works scheme to reduce the risk of flooding in Tylorstown

Credit: RCT Council

Important flood alleviation work will begin next week along the length of Park Street in Tylorstown, requiring a local road closure. This is the first of two significant flood alleviation schemes planned to protect the community.

The first scheme will begin from Monday, September 25, to upgrade the infrastructure along Park Street and improve the network’s capacity to cope with heavy rainfall. It is intended to reduce surface water flooding at Park Street, and deliver a knock-on improvement for nearby streets including Arfryn Terrace and Brynheulog Terrace, which contain residential properties.

The Council has appointed Peter Simmons Contractors to carry out the work over the next eight weeks. The scheme has benefitted from an 85% funding contribution from Welsh Government’s Small Scale Works Grant programme.

Work on site will include improving the existing culvert and swale drainage network. It will install several chambers, weirs and catch pits, intended to slow the flow of water entering the existing culvert. At the southern end of Park Street, an existing pipe will be replaced over the length of around 180-metres. A small area of localised landslip will be rectified near the drainage system.

A road closure is required across Park Street to safely carry out the work (from Cynllwyndu Road, north westwards for 800 metres). A short section of Cynllwyndu Road will also be closed, from Park Street to Caradog Road.

An alternative route for motorists is via King Street, Graig Terrace, Oakland Terrace, Brynheulog Terrace, Hendrefadog Street, Brynbedw Road and Cynllwyndu Road. Access will not be maintained for emergency services or pedestrians. Site notices have been placed, to inform residents of the closure.

These works will precede a further scheme for the community that is currently being prepared. It will be a flood alleviation scheme that encompasses the wider area beyond Park Street. Consultants are currently carrying out a business case for this additional scheme on behalf of the Council.

Councillor Andrew Morgan OBE, Leader of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council and Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Investment, said: “Investing in flood alleviation measures and targeting communities that have previously experienced flooding remains a Council priority – and we continue to welcome support from Welsh Government to deliver this work. In total, £4.8m has been secured for flood alleviation schemes via the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management and Small Scale Works Grant programmes this year (2023/24).

“The scheme at Park Street in Tylorstown aims to tackle a known issue with surface water during heavy rainfall, which then has a knock-on effect that contributes to the flood risk in residential streets further downstream. The work will upgrade the existing culvert piping while also slowing down the flow of water reaching it – by installing infrastructure such as weirs and catch pits.

“Since Storm Dennis, there has been major investment in flood alleviation across the County Borough – with our programme of more than 100 schemes continuing to be progressed. We’ve also completed all Section 19 Flood Investigation reports for 19 communities, to better understand what happened in Storm Dennis and analyse how flooding can be alleviated in future events.

“This September, alongside the work at Park Street in Tylorstown, the Council will be starting work towards the Cwmaman Flood Alleviation Scheme, while beginning an extensive consultation on the future Treorchy Flood Alleviation Scheme, following a similar process for Pentre undertaken in June and July.

“The Park Street work will begin on Monday utilising a road closure – thanks to the wider community for your patience and cooperation in the weeks ahead. The Council will also be bringing forward a wider flood alleviation scheme for the local area, to be delivered in the future. The scheme is currently being developed and will be communicated to local residents once it’s finalised.”