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Wrexham General becomes a vibrant commjunity canvas

Thanks to support from the 3 Counties Connected Community Rail Partnership, Wrexham General station has become a vibrant canvas, celebrating creativity and showcasing the artistic talents of the local community with the unveiling of the Wrexham General Station Art Project on 29 February, 2024.

Under the guidance of local artist Sophia Leadil, participants from the Wallich and Housing Justice, alongside members of the broader Wrexham community, came together to explore the theme of “cynefin” – a sense of place. Through a series of pencil drawings and printing techniques, they have delved into the essence of what makes Wrexham special to them.

Josie Rayworth,  Community Rail Officer for the 3 Counties Connected Community Rail Partnership, expressed her enthusiasm for the project saying: “It’s been inspiring to see the artwork achieved by the participants from the Wallich, Housing Justice, as well as the wider members of the Wrexham community. The waiting room will now give a real insight for passengers that use this space about what makes Wrexham such a special place.”

One of the project participants Carl said: “I enjoyed trying new art techniques each week and it helped me learn more about places in Wrexham that I didn’t know about before. It was all very interesting and enjoyable.”

Mel Lawton, – Community Rail Strategy Lead, Transport for Wales said: “For Transport for Wales, it’s important that our stations feel like part of the community, and it’s been fantastic to see this project come to life at Wrexham General. It’s wonderful to see the final artwork and how it showcases what the city has to offer, and what makes Wrexham special to the people who live here.”

The unveiling of the artwork on 29th February, 2024, marked the end of weeks of artistic collaboration. The waiting room at Wrexham General Station will be transformed into an exhibition space, where passengers and the local community can appreciate the landmarks of Wrexham.

Working with 3 Counties Connected Community Rail Partnership, we are proud to support initiatives that bring communities together and promote the richness of local culture. The Wrexham General Station Art Project exemplifies the power of art to celebrate and strengthen the ties that bind us.