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3 Best Black Gamers in the Video Game Industry

If you follow eSports, you may assume a lack of diversity in terms of the players who make it to international tournaments. But In fact, it is evident that many black gamers have developed professional careers in both the fields of eSports and game development. Moreover, most of them are good casino players. According to statistics, fastest paying online casinos are the most common type of casinos they choose.

Some of them faced discrimination like racism and sexism in their respective journeys. Now, they’ve become passionate influencers in the gaming industry. Many have spent decades mastering different games and competing in international tournaments.

Representing different places and playing styles, here are 3 popular black gamers in the video game industry.

List of Best Black Gamers

Ryan Hart

Ryan Hart was born in the UK in 1979. He’s been representing his country in various fighting championships around the world. Since the age of 15, Ryan’s been involved in numerous fighting games franchises, which prominently include Street Fighter and Tekken. These games carry his professional gaming career’s biggest accomplishments.

He possesses two championships of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection and Tekken Tag Tournament. Winning Dreamhack event titles from the year 2009 to the year 2013 are also some of the achievements under his belt.

He’s been called the “Prodigal Son,” and his winning total from the championships and events is approximately over thirty-thousand US dollars. However, he is still an active player, involved in other games such as Virtua Fighter, The King of Fighters, and Street Fighter (IV and V). He also participated and won the first-ever Capcom Pro Tour.


Victor “Punk” Woodley is one of the youngest professional competitive gamers in the world. This young Street Fighterprodigy represents the United States in the international and other fighting games tournaments. Born in 1998, Punk started playing Street Fighter in 2009 and continued getting better, along with his studies.

However, after completing high school, Punk had a great opportunity to step into the world of fighting game tournaments. He was already a local fighting game player, and after the release of Street Fighter V in 2016, Punk qualified for a professional gaming tournament.

Punk has been participating in various tournaments and leagues such as Eleague Street Fighter V, Capcom Pro Tour of 2018, Capcom Cup of 2017, and much more. He achieved a prize of $150,000 upon winning the Eleague Street Fighter V Invitation.

Making a name through his professional gaming, Punk is a member of the team “Panda Global” currently. His approximate total winnings amount to over $330,000.

Justin “King Jae” Nelson Stennett

Traveling around the world and competing in computer games are King Jae’s truest passions. He currently has a Twitch partnership and a verified YouTube channel, which he uses to showcase his gameplay skills.

His favorite games are Tekken 7 and Street Fighter. He shares his overviews and thoughts on many games and their characters. Not to mention, he shares tech-related gaming and music information, such as that of electronic peripherals.

He is among the UK’s top content makers and a professional Tekken and Street Fighter player. He has traveled to many countries to participate in different tournaments, leagues and casino tournaments. He also likes to try his luck playing real money casinos. He has accumulated impressive winnings by participating in professional championships.

However, King Jae works to make newcomers feel welcome. His goal is to provide a better environment for new gamers. Along with his professional gaming career, he also collaborates with famous tech companies like Asus, Alienware, etc.


Gaming is one of the key trends of the modern world. With increased diversity in such a trend, the field will see some great achievements and improvements. Gamers hailing from the black community are making a name for themselves through social media and the gaming industry. Not only does this relate to game playing or music, but also to game development.