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7 Qualities Of A Great Digital Product

Many businesses are currently shifting to online mode. For creating online businesses, people are also launching digital products. Examples of digital products include ebooks, software, video, audio and music, photography, graphics, digital art, PDF documents, planners and online courses. If you are looking forward to buying digital products, ensure that these seven qualities are present in them to make them sustainable.

1. Make the product consistent

The digital product that you are making should be consistent across time and devices. For instance, if you are selling a digital magazine, ensure that the digital magazine can be viewed on a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone without disturbing the orientation. You can also put the digital magazine in the epub or Mobi format to make it friendly for devices like Kindle. Many websites are designed to be friendly for both smartphones and computers. For example, the result of lotteries like Lottery Sambad and Dhankesari can be viewed on all devices without any trouble.  Similarly, if a sign-in is required, you can enable that using a phone number, which people seldom change.

2. Find the value of the product

To ensure that the customers buy your digital product, you will have to create value for the digital product. Before designing your digital product, you need to be clear about why you are even designing it and the purpose that it will solve for the customers. It is always recommended to be innovative when creating a digital product to make it unique. For instance, if you are designing a planner that you are going to list on Etsy, you would like to ask yourself what makes your planner different from other planners that are already present on Etsy.

3. Build a great user experience

In order to create a great digital product, you need to ensure that the digital product has utility, usability, desirability and also offers a brand experience. For ensuring all the four parameters are met, plenty of drafts will be required but the end product will be something that the customers will definitely prefer. The digital product should be useful and the customers should be able to use it easily and this, in turn, will contribute to your brand image.

4. It should be reliable

The digital products you create should be reliable. A reliable digital product is one that is free from flaws. After launching a digital product, if you come with a better version of the previous digital product, you can always launch subsequent digital products in addition to the original product. The information for the same should be available in a description box to enlighten the customers about your new digital product.

5. Make it multifunctional if possible

If it is possible to ensure that the digital product that you are creating is multifunctional, you should always go for it. The multifunctionality of the digital product provides a cushion for the digital product. For instance, if you are creating a digital planner, instead of offering your customers only a daily planner, you can go ahead and embed weekly, monthly and year planners in it. By increasing the functionality of the planner, you have made your planner self-sufficient for your customers and they will not feel the need for an additional planner.

6. It has mass appeal

Even if you are working on a particular niche and are focused on creating a digital product for that particular target audience, still you need to make sure that the digital product has a mass appeal in order to become successful. To answer this question, you can ask yourself whether your product is required only by students or can be used by both students and professionals. Profitability with a good digital product increases automatically if it has mass appeal.

7. The price is competitive

If you are starting a business, you would want to place a price for your created digital product. Along with the quality of the product, the price of the digital product also plays a very huge role. If you are selling a digital product at a higher price than what your competitors are offering, chances are high that the customers will shift to buy the product of the competitors. Therefore, the pricing of your digital product should be competitive.

These seven qualities should act as a checklist and it needs to be checked before you actually launch your digital product for success.