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A Quick Look at Asian Handicap Betting

The online sports betting sector throughout Wales is larger and more diverse than ever before. This is great news for those who wish to keep up to date with their favourite teams as well as anyone who might be more interested in turning a slight profit thanks to a well-placed wager.

There are numerous betting systems to choose from and these will ultimately be determined by your strategic preferences. Still, it is a good idea to take a quick look at a method commonly referred to as an Asian handicap. What makes this style of betting unique and what are some of its main features? If you are unfamiliar with such an approach, be sure to read on.

A Quick Look at an Asian Handicap

The reason that this type of betting is termed “Asian” arises from the fact that it is very popular with football fans throughout Asia. This is actually a bit different when compared to normal forms of betting, as an Asian handicap essentially provides one team with a certain lead before the actual game actually begins. In other ways, Asian handicaps provide one club with what can be referred to as a “head start”. Therefore, knowing which team will be receive such a handicap is crucial during any betting strategy.

Why is this a useful option to consider? The most obvious reason is that such handicaps are intended to prevent a draw from occurring. Let us look at a quick example in order to appreciate the big picture. Here is a fictional match between two teams. In normal betting, there are three possible outcomes:

  • Team A wins
  • Team B wins
  • The match results in a draw

When an Asian handicap is applied, a draw is taken out of the equation. Thus, there are only two betting options to select. This can be a good idea if you are new to sports wagering and are looking to eliminate any potential confusion.

Are There Any Risks?

All sports wagers are associated with a certain amount of risk. Of course, those who bet on the wrong team will lose. There are nonetheless a few ways to minimise such outcomes. The most common is to utilise the Asian handicap calculator at Bookmakers.net or a similarly reputable website. This calculator will provide you with a means to input important variables such as the team playing, your stake and the odds. You can therefore receive a much clearer picture regarding the potential outcome. With luck and experience, you could very walk away with a tidy profit.

Asian handicaps are extremely useful strategies to use alongside other methods; especially if you are hoping to avoid a competition which ends in a draw. Still, always keep in mind that being successful within the online sports wagering community will take time and experience. Knowing when to walk away as well as appreciating your personal financial limits are key in order to enjoy what is in store.