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Bridgend Brewery Goes Green with Six-Figure Funding

A Bridgend brewery will begin its journey to net-zero by creating a solar energy farm with a six-figure funding package from HSBC UK.

The owners of Cold Black Label and Brecon Brewery, which makes local beers and ales, will use the funding from HSBC UK to finance a 4 acre solar energy farm [in Bridgend] which will produce over 1,000 MWH of renewable energy a year. They also have a 30KW Solar System on the roof of Guardian House.

The renewable energy will offset the brewery’s carbon footprint enabling it to reach net-zero carbon emissions. The investment is part of the business’ wider sustainability strategy which also includes removing plastic waste, returning all barrels for re-use, and re-using cardboard. The new solar farm will also connect to the national grid.

The Directors at Cold Black Label and Brecon Brewery, commented:

“Sustainability is a priority for the business and this deal is a critical step in enabling us to offset our carbon emissions across the business and obtain a net-zero status.

“We’ve banked with HSBC UK for over 30 years, so the bank was an obvious choice to fund our net-zero venture. Our bank Relationship Manager, Ryan Pope, has been a fantastic help with the process and incredibly supportive of our ambitions for growth in the UK and abroad in a sustainable way.”

Ian Coulson, Area Director for Business Banking at HSBC UK South Wales, added: “It’s an exciting time for the business, not only in their journey towards net zero but also their plans to expand internationally. We look forward to continuing to support the Directors and their team as leaders in sustainable brewing.”

The business’ were founded in 1990 and employs 18 people. In addition to Cold Black Label and Brecon Brewing, the business owns Guardian Gas, Beer Barrels and Minerals, GB Property Company, Solar Energy Farm and others.

Cold Black Label are also the beer suppliers to the Greenman Festival and the Royal Welsh.