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Caerphilly agree approach to tackle empty properties

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Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet has yesterday (Wednesday 13th January) unanimously agreed an approach to help tackle the issue of long-term empty properties.

The Enforced Sale Policy will enable the Council to use statutory powers to target long-term problematic empty properties, derelict commercial buildings and land; bringing them back into use where possible.

As well as offering opportunities to increase the supply of affordable housing, the Policy will also aim to free up public sector resources, recoup debts owed to the Council and improve local communities.  Such sales can only proceed where the Council has a financial charge secured against a property.

Cllr Sean Morgan, the Council’s Deputy Leader, said “We understand that long-term empty buildings can have an extremely negative impact on local communities.  As well as being unsightly, they are often a target for vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

The Council already offers a range of support to owners of empty properties, including grants and loans, to help them bring homes back into use.  In cases of problematic properties where owners cannot be traced or do not engage, then enforced sale will be considered as a last resort to help improve our local communities and also meet the demand for affordable housing in the county borough.”