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Electric cars – how to get the most for your money

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The internet is awash with chatter about electric cars. To some, the electric range is an issue, but for forward-thinking people taking the dive into zero-local-emissions running, they will never go back to petrol or diesel power.

Electric cars, on paper, look expensive. However, there are ways to get around this. First up: consider used cars for sale in the UK. Cars depreciate as soon as they leave the forecourt, and electric ones are no different.

Of course, electric batteries deteriorate over time, providing less range. But you might be surprised by how slow this deterioration is, and how quickly you can change batteries.

Buying slightly used, pre-reg, or new negates this. And if you do want to go new, there are ways to help out with that price tag.

There’s something called the Plug-in Car Grant (PICG). This is a government incentive scheme aimed at encouraging drivers to switch to electric vehicles. In December 2021, the amount of ‘discount’ dropped to £1,500 on all fully electric vehicles priced below £32,000.

PICG criteria

Cars priced up to £32,000 qualify for the Grant. The cap is in place because higher-priced vehicles are ‘typically bought by drivers who can afford to switch without a subsidy from taxpayers,’ according to the gvt.

The new car you’re buying (or financing for that matter) must be purely electric and cannot be a hybrid.

Before December 2021 plug-in hybrids were also eligible with a zero-emissions range of at least 70 miles, and quoted CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km could apply for the discount.

Now, the requirements to meet the criteria only applies to fully electric vehicles – as well as the few hydrogen-powered models on sale.

The grant will expire in 2023 so if you’ve been considering buying an electric vehicle, now’s the time to do it.

There’s also a plug-in grant for vans. These discounts range from £2,500 to £16,000 depending on how big the van is.

Recommended cars 

If you truly want to get the most from your money, you can simply just spend less. Which is why we suggest avoiding premium manufacturers. With that in mind, below we highlight three new cars to choose if you’re after a new electric car.

Fiat 500 electric

All models are eligible for the plug-in car grant, plus the more expensive ones have a range of up to 199 miles, which is pretty decent for a car of this size.

Oh, and just look at it. Adorable, cute and chic enough to make anyone on a fashionable boulevard green with envy.


If a little city car isn’t big enough for your lifestyle, might we recommend an estate? Amazingly there are only two electric estates on sale in the UK, and the other is a Porsche.

The MG5 comes with a seven-year warranty, 214-mile range, and enough room in the rear for a family.

Peugeot e-2008

Peugeot’s handsome supermini now comes with electric power.

Range is officially 217 miles and it’s the perfect introduction to electric driving because of how easy it is to drive.