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Expert advice for elderly on keeping warm this winter

STAFF from a Welsh care agency are offering their free expert advice to the elderly this winter (January 2021) on how to ensure they stay warm.

ISS Healthcare in Cardiff says individuals over 65-years-old or with reduced mobility are the most vulnerable at this time of year.

Neil Griffiths, Regional Manager at ISS Healthcare, which has offices at Springmeadow Business Park, said: “We want to keep the elderly and vulnerable of Wales warm this winter, so are offering our expert advice to anyone out there who might need it. We hope it will be helpful to them as we face warnings of ice and snow on the horizon.

“As we’re all spending much more time at home at the moment, it’s a good idea for people to ensure their home is heated to a minimum of 18 degrees Celsius at this time of year as the cold weather can leave you susceptible to serious health problems. If having the heating on regularly is a problem financially, you can claim for a Winter Fuel Payment from the Government if you are eligible.

“While in your home you should also stay as active as possible as this gets the heart pumping and helps keep you warm. Get up and walk around regularly. Try not to sit still for more than an hour at a time.


“You should wear lots of thin layers of clothing made from cotton, wool or fleece. This is a great way of maintaining body heat.

“Ensure you eat at least one hot meal a day and drink regular warm drinks. Make sure you keep hot water bottles and blankets handy around the home too, but take care not to fill hot water bottles with boiling water.”

ISS Healthcare provides care support to thousands of people, with services commissioned through authorities in the area or purchased privately by individual service users or their families.

Its aim is to deliver care, which improves the lives of its service users and that treats them, and their families, with respect, dignity and compassion.

ISS Healthcare believes its services should not only comply with regulatory standards, but that it also delivers excellence and promote overall wellbeing.

Neil added: “Our carers will be visiting our service users whatever the weather to provide the care they need and are able to make sure they are warm enough and fed and hydrated too.

“If anyone knows of an elderly person struggling to keep warm this winter, we would suggest they pop in on them regularly to ensure they have everything they need. Provide blankets if you can and keep track of eating and drinking habits. Anyone who feels they may need more help with caring for an elderly person should get in touch.”