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Ferndale Lottery Retailer Gets Winning Treatment

Ferndale lottery winner Terry Roberts (57) celebrated a National Lottery milestone today with the delivery of a millionaire worthy gold playstation to the shop where he bought his winning Lotto ticket.

Since the first draw on 19 November 1994, The National Lottery has now created an amazing 5,000 millionaires and the last 1,000 have been made in just 29 months, at the rate of more than one every day.

In Terry’s CF postcode district, National Lottery luck is booming. In total, 96 millionaires have been created and 641 prizes of £50,000 or more have been paid out to those lucky winners, including Terry and the Valley Boys syndicate, who scooped £4.09 million on Lotto in 2011.

Terry and the Valley Boys had been playing Lotto as a group since 2003 and only won £80 before Terry bought the winning National Lottery ticket at Meg’s Cabin on High Street in Ferndale.

Returning to the shop fresh from a sunny break in Trecco Bay, Terry revealed the limited-edition gold playstation to surprised shoppers.

Giving it his own stamp of approval with a gold handprint, the former lorry driver wrote a message of luck to all future players directly onto the gold playstation.

“Winning the lottery has been life-changing. We’ve been able to enjoy financial freedom, amazing holidays and experiences we could only have dreamt of before that lucky day in 2011,” he said.

“I’m hoping that this gold playstation will bring a little bit of extra luck to Ferndale players so our millionaires club can grow even bigger. Lots of people jokingly ask me to rub their ticket for luck, now everyone can rub my lucky handprint instead!”

Store manager Kevan Ward was happy to see Terry again and thanked him for his ongoing support.

“It’s amazing to think there are now 5,000 lottery millionaires who have all enjoyed that same winning moment as Terry and the Valley Boys, a moment which for many starts at the National Lottery playstation in their local shop,” he said.

“Having a winner has been great for the shop and gives hope to those who play. We hope to have more winners from Meg’s Cabin and hope this gold playstation will bring us even more luck so that more Ferndale lottery millionaires can join the 96 lottery millionaires already made in the CF postcode area alone!”