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Guide when buying artificial grass

Perhaps, you have decided to install artificial grass in your front garden. If so, you need to take a careful approach. Doing some research will allow you to come across well-established artificial grass stockistsoffering different brands and artificial turf types to choose from. It is important to select a product that best fits your needs. This guide can make your selection process seem easy and quick.


Many homeowners prefer to invest in artificial turf to replace the natural lawn present in their back or front yard. Some other uses include indoors, low-traffic areas, commercial and sports use. The purpose will determine the glass yarn/blade shape to purchase. For home yards, you may take into consideration the following:

  • Play area / Family lawn: For heavy foot traffic areas, you should select shaped-yard grasses that are stronger, shaped and longer instead of flat-yarn grade. When shaped-yard blade is concerned, you can come across U-shaped, WaveBlades, Diamondblade or Soft blade types.
  • Show/Ornamental lawn: You may select artificial turf having flat blades or yarn for low traffic lawn. It can help improve aesthetics.
  • Entertainment & Garden parties: The artificial turf selected should cope up well with stains, spillages and heavy traffic. Hence, you should select high-performance shaped-blades.
  • Pet-friendly lawn: The lawn selected should manage excrement and urine. There are available pet-friendly artificial grasses in the market.

Manufacturing quality standards & Warranty

After identifying colour, quality and additional requirements, you should consider the brand to invest in. Each type is likely to be different and have its own pros & cons. Check out their manufacturing standards and product warranty offered. It should be reliable and last long. Manufacturing standards come with SGS and ISO certification. Also, superior quality synthetic materials will be used for its construction.


For first-time shoppers, trying to determine the texture, shape and colour can be a cumbersome task. It is entirely your choice and preference. Check out your yard area, the surrounding landscape and evaluate the environment colours. You may even click an image of the lawn and discuss with the leading Artificial Grass Stockists to avail proper guidance. They can help you to select something that will match with your current environment.

Children & Pets

There are numerous benefits to be derived by installing artificial grass in your back/front yard. This way, you can ensure that your small child does not get to play with dirty, harmful debris that is otherwise abundant in natural grass. They will also not bring in mud into the home after playing. Even if they fall down while playing, the soft artificial turf will cushion their fall. Thus, they will not get hurt. Also, there is no need to bother about mowing or weeding the lawn periodically, thus saving precious time and energy. Foam can be added underlay to the fake grass as it can help absorb shock while making it cushionier.