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How to Effectively Advertise Your Job Opening

Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Whether you are a startup in Liverpool or a multinational firm jetting between London and Hong Kong, every company needs to advertise their jobs effectively.

Without getting your job noticed by a large pool of the right talent, you cannot expect positions to be filled with valuable and committed employees. Recruitment costs are expensive so it important to get it right first time and secure long-term employees. With that in mind, how can you advertise job openings effectively?

Use Job Search Sites with High Traffic

One of the primary focuses of the job advertising phase should be to identify job sites that not only receive a high amount of traffic but also attract top professionals in your industry. Too many poor applications can, in fact, hinder the process so striking the balance is key.

Many of the best UK professionals use extremely reputable and trusted recruitment companies to find jobs and Jobrapido is a perfect example of a site renowned for being just that. Hence the reason why top jobs in Liverpool posted on the portal, for instance, receives an especially large number of hits by top graduate talent.

Not Just About Job Sites

Job sites are key, but they are not the only way of broadcasting your new exciting opportunity. Utilising social media channels to refer followers to your listing can be beneficial. The reason this is so effective is because it directly targets people that already have a strong interest in your company and services. Recruiting people who have an interest can be good for staff retention rates, rather than employing someone who heard about you for the first time and hands their notice in after two months.

Build an Employer Brand

Exposing your job listing is, of course, fundamental to advertising your role, but it is also what you do before the job becomes available that helps you win over the best talent. To allow talented professionals to already be looking your way before jobs become available, you need to create an employer brand, preferably on LinkedIn and other social media channels.

An employer brand is all about showing off how good it is to work for you. Some ways of enhancing yours is by interviewing staff, allowing staff to take over your social media pages to converse with your audience and uploading fun videos such as office tours. Research the best ways of adding to your employer brand and include them before you look for new staff.

Use a Copywriter

When we talk about selling yourself within the hiring process, it is usually directed towards those looking for a job. Yet, it should also be directed towards companies listing jobs because they need to attract professionals who have more than one option on the table, especially when UK unemployment is low and employment opportunities are high.

Employing a copywriter who is an expert at selling something to a consumer is effective. These people will be able to engage the job market and make your opening appeal to job hunters.

With these four tactics, expect more applications from qualified professionals who really want to work for you!