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How to Get Your Car Ready for a Perfect Road Trip

Regular weekends, long holidays, or vacations are the perfect time to embark on an exciting road trip. You can visit places in Wales where you have never been, but have always wanted to visit and see with your own eyes.

Often, we go on quite long road trips. Those who have a car choose this particular means of transportation, because it is convenient, you know your car and you just feel comfortable moving around that way. Other people prefer to rent a car for this purpose because they prefer not to increase the mileage of their car. If there is a breakdown in the car, then it is much more convenient than going somewhere by bus or train.

If the budget is limited, then you can rent an economical car. If you want to try something new, then you can pamper yourself and take advantage of exotic car rental. Car rentals offer customers a wide variety of cars for rent, as well as first-class service at a reasonable price.

In any case, the car must be ready for a long trip. When renting a car, you do not need to carry out a general check-up. But if you are going to drive your vehicle, then you need to get your car ready. We’ll tell you what you need to check.

Oil level

For the smooth operation of your vehicle components, first of all, you must make sure that there is the proper oil level. It is necessary to lubricate certain components for their proper work. Previously, drivers had to change the oil quite often, but over time, technology improves, which we can see in modern vehicles.

To make sure when you need to change the oil, you need to thoroughly study the maintenance manual, where you will find all the information. If you have done this recently, then you just need to make sure that you have enough left. To do this, you will need to use a dipstick. If, when checking, the level is below the minimum mark, then add more.

Brake pads

If you hear a scream the moment you press the brake pedal, then this is a signal that something is wrong with your brake pads. Perhaps their service life has come to an end, or simply there are not enough necessary materials for pads. To ensure your safety, it is better to make a replacement in advance. Thus, you will be calm on the road.

Air filters

Outside the car interior, on the road, these filters play a rather important role. They serve as protection for the interior from various dirt, dust, and insects that come across our way. Many people forget about the existence of such filters and notice it when the air quality in the cabin starts to deteriorate. They are easy to replace and are not expensive.


If you do not want to be stopped by the traffic police, then make sure that your headlights are working properly. When you are driving, you may not notice that your taillights or turn signals do not light up when you turn them on. This may cause a stop. Before you go, ask your friends or relatives to make sure everything works or you can do it yourself.

Emergency kit

Nobody wants something to happen to a car in the middle of nowhere. It is for such a possible case that you need to have an emergency kit, which will include a first aid kit with all the necessary medicines, flashlights, repair tools, and a battery. Other than that, make sure you have drinking water and food for you and your passengers if you get stuck for a few hours.

Spare set of keys

Sometimes drivers mistakenly leave the keys in the ignition and close the doors, after which they are blocked and it is impossible to open the car. In such a case, it is important to have an additional set of keys. If you have a remote control, then remember to keep it dry.

Insurance policy

All documents must be kept in the vehicle. Before leaving, make sure that your payments are not overdue. No one is immune from accidents and therefore it is better to be prepared for anything.


A simple weekend road trip to visit relatives or friends in another city can turn into a disaster if you don’t take care to do a general check-up of your vehicle in advance. Before leaving, you should feel comfortable knowing that you and your car are ready for the long drive ahead.