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How to Successfully Send a Test Email

When you’re sending an email out to hundreds or thousands of people, any error is magnified. Because of this, you want to make sure that you’re sending out correct and high-quality content each rime the “Publish” button is pressed.

A Gmail user might have a different experience than an Outlook user. Sometimes the differences are subtle such as headers. And others are obvious such as the font size, background images unable to be shown. So it’s always important to sent test email before you make a mistake that could harm your business’s reputation. Without further adieu, let’s show some tips to help you make your test email successful.

Before Starting

When using a send a test email option, your merge tags won’t be activated because the campaign is not delivered to an audience yet. Test the merge tags to ensure that they work successfully on your test email.

Here is a pre-send checklist for your email.:

  • Write up your content before placing it on email: We suggest using Google Docs for this as it allows collaborators to share with colleagues and work on copy editing.
  • Look at the elements of the site. Think about the italicisation, capitalisation, etc.
    • Does the hyperlinks work?
    • Subject line – Triple-check your subject line as errors are a negative impact on your website.
  • Double-check your segments and lists. Does everything look good to you, and does your page look clear and easy to read?
  • Press Send!

Always ask for a set of second eyes when sending a test email. This will give you a realistic view of each email component and to see if each one works properly. Make sure that you’re seeking a second opinion from a designer or someone not related to the site, to ensure that you’ll get the best feedback.

Since you are sending a test email, you can repeat the process if you are still stuck. If there are any design issues with the text, you can test it again until it is correct. By doing so, you’ll have an accurate email list that is sent to your reader base and increases the chance of your reading engaging with your content.

Check the Code

Some websites have backend code that needs to be applied in order for it to display correctly. Check to see if such code is present and that it’s implemented correctly into your email. Test before sending, as this will take some tries to get the code appearance correct to your reader.


Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you’re sending your email newsletter to an audience, its best to run a few litmus tests to ensure that everything is working properly. This ensures that mistakes are minimised while sending the right message at the right time.

After multiple testing phases, send to your audience once you’re confident everything is correct. You’ll notice an increase in engagement, click-through rates, and more readability. Conclusively, use test email software to your advantage, and you’ll be rewarded as a result.