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Initial Coin Offerings: The Next Generation Method For Fund

Initial Coin Offering or the ICOs is equivalent to Cryptocurrency.

An entrepreneur or old business while intending to start a new business or develop upon existing ones,  makes use of ICOs. This is because the business is slowly moving towards digital and to be more precise, virtual.

The article will put forth the role and function and efficacy of Initial Coin Offering to gain a wider angle viewpoint on the entire subject.

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Initial Coin Offering: An overview

Initial Coin Offerings are now a popular medium to raise funds for business or any kind of extension of the business. ICO finds similarities with IPO s where money could be traded via coins that are to be processed virtually.

ICO’s highly returns oriented because when the coins or tokens are issued by the company they are brought by the investors. During the play (business), the coins tend to increases the values of the offering. That’s why they are high returning.

ICOs are decentralized and are not regulated. This is the reason the ones operating with the IPOs need to be highly cautious.

Types Of ICOs 

Initial Coin offerings could be dissected into two that is  the Private ICOs and the Public ICOs.

1: The Private ICO

In this ICO the participation is extremely thin and moreover only the ones who are affluent and well-to-do people could participate. Thus the participants turn out to be extremely thin. Corporate houses and other big houses could only participate here.

2: The Public ICO

The rise of Cryptocurrencies is making the entry of Public ICOs. This makes things extremely easy and comfortable for people. This has extremely close-knit with another kind of investment platform.

This is a kind of Crowdfunding that is a completely democratized one. This denotes, there is clearly an entry gate for investors depending on the type of economy and kind of involvement. Entry in this is extremely easy and feasible for all.

This is due to the fact that due to the regulatory concerns and they are expanding thick and fast with time.

Initial Coin Offering: Strong Zones And Gray Areas

Initial Coin offerings have some strength as well  as weak areas that investors need to know:

Easily Accessible

ICOs are easily accessible for entrepreneurs across all works of life. There is no bar on participation based on the type of venture or economic propensity. People come with their own investment and capacities and trade here with no such restrictions.

High Liquidity

IPO as mentioned above turns out to be extremely profitable for investors. Investors buy tokens or coins initially. Of course, the tokens or coins are virtual in nature. Due to its high liquidity, there is no chance of squandering or losing up with investments.

Lesser Paper Work

Traditional assets like bonds, shares, debentures are more or less conducted on paper. ICOs being virtual in nature have lesser work on paper. This digitized experience makes the system hassle-free in nature.

High Return On Investments

ICOs are digitized assets and the trading is done peer- to- peer. This denotes the assets buying and selling are conducted under extremely safe mode. This makes the system free from any kind of middle man. Hence, the system turns out to be highly returning.

There are certain gray shades ICOs possess apart from the wide range of advantages.

  • Firstly,  they are extremely volatile in nature and this denotes the value of assets can skyrocket as well as crash mercilessly.
  • Secondly, many companies do not undergo structured regulatory processes and they might fall under the risk of getting trapped under some fraud. This would turn out to be detrimental to business prospects.
  • Thirdly, there is a total lack of accountability due to the absence of any centralized networking systems. The investors have to trade without any parental body working to guide them.

ICOs: For Tomorrow 

Businesses are getting extremely risk-oriented and the entities in such high returns are making their practices lenient towards Crowdfunding. This is turning out to be an easy kill because the network is guided and driven by decentralized Ledgers.

Blockchain derived platforms are becoming fast too reliable because of their high-profile safety infrastructures.

Moreover, the tokens are used to purchase shares of the company. The company is getting benefitted with more funds.


It could therefore be projected that ICOs are fast becoming reliable for the ones who are looking to extract money through crowdfunding.

It could also be addressed that Blockchain provides security to the companies or individuals that harness digitized networks in order to buy and sales of assets.

So, if you find yourself stuck again regarding ICOs, let us know below.