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Is HEX a Good Investment All You Need to Know

Cryptocurrencies are the latest topic of discussion on most social networks or any finance-related forums. Earlier, cryptocurrencies were not very well known and not too many people showed interest in them. But in past few years, a lot of people are showing interest in knowing about them. After the launch of the first crypto in 2009, many different cryptocurrencies were also launched and HEX is one of them.

ERC20 is the token of HEX and is one of the popular cryptocurrencies at present. This cryptocurrency was launched in 2019, on December 2nd. It was created on the network of Ethereum. It was the first blockchain with a certificate of deposit. Being new crypto, not many people expect the price of this coin to raise too much. But its price has increased drastically. It is one of the best choices for investing in cryptocurrency. If you have no knowledge of the coin, here we have given you some useful information.

Certificate of Deposit:

One important thing that you should know about HEX is its certificate of deposit. It was the first of its kind. If you are not aware of the certificate of deposit, it is very similar to the certificate of deposit (CDs) that we have with traditional financial institutions. You will receive a little extra interest rate or percentage with these CDs when compared to your usual savings accounts.

But there is one condition and that is you should not remove it for a certain period of time. The time depends on the bank, like three months sometimes and ten years in some cases. So, you will be able to enjoy the same benefit with HEX as well. The more you stake your investments in HEX, you will get more profits.

Benefit for Bitcoin Holders:

Another important thing that you should know about HEX is its benefits if you are already holding Bitcoin. All those who have Bitcoin can get 10,000 HEX with just one Bitcoin. And the best part about this is, you don’t have to pay any fee for this conversion. Yes, it is all free and you can easily buy HEX with Bitcoin. Also, during the first year of its launch, only Bitcoin holders were allowed to buy. There were no other means for buying HEX and that created some problems at the beginning. After one year, you can now buy it like any other cryptocurrency.

HEX platform:

The next interesting thing about HEX is its platform. With HEX’s transaction processing engine, almost 2000 transactions can be processed in a second. This system is superior, in fact, superior to Bitcoin as well. There are two different ways to obtain HEX, you can convert Ethereum to HEX or you can simply buy HEX directly from any cryptocurrency exchange platform like BitQT software.

Why the price is rising?

A very interesting question about HEX is why its price is increasing? The answer is also interesting. When the HEX investors stake the coin for a long time, the price of the coin rises. So, when you stake your coins on the platform for the long-term, you will receive new HEX coins as a share of staking for such time.

There are also penalties to those who withdraw the coins before the said time. So, next time you break the promise, you should remember that you are going to be penalized. The interest that you may receive from HEX for staking the coins for a long time is really huge. The profit will be huge for your wait for such long time.

But it is a known fact that the crypto market is always volatile and you can never predict its price. The price of HEX can also fall, even the top cryptocurrency Bitcoin fell so many times. Its price has again bounced back to normal. So, it is the same with HEX as well. There is no instance where HEX has not recorded an all-time new price within a span of six months. The price of HEX did fall, but if you can stake the coins for at least three to four years, then you can get good returns.

So, given the high volatility of the crypto market, you should always treat them with caution, so that you don’t end up losing everything.