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Most essential tools to have in your garage

Drivers who have their own garages can easily call themselves lucky bastards. Why? Having a garage greatly increases the number of things you can do with your car and that translates not only in much lower spending on car repairs but also that you will be able to do the manliest thing in the world without being disturbed – tinker by their cars. Naturally, you cannot do everything with your own hands, you will need adequate tools for the job. Obviously the number and type of tools you want to have greatly depend on what do you want to do with your car.

Do you want to do only minor repairs or maybe you want to do everything on your own? But regardless of that, there is a set of tools that every guy should have in his garage regardless of what he wants to do. Maybe you are one of those guys who buy a pre-used vehicle and restore it? So, besides checking vehicle history on carVertical before purchase, check out this list and if you don’t have one of these things, you’ll quickly have to resupply at the local DIY shop.

Tools for tire repair and rotation

Let’s start with a four-way wrench. It is obviously used mainly when removing and replacing a car wheel. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to unscrew lug bolts holding the wheel. It sounds as if the place for this tool was in your trunk, as you would be mainly replacing wheels should your tire pop. Well, while this is true you also have to remember that having your own garage means you can rotate the wheels by yourself. Why pay these bucks to a mechanic if you can do it by yourself without any preparations or training. And you need to make a rotation every once in a while to ensure that no tire wears out faster than the others.

The whole point is to simply put the rear wheels in the front, and the front ones in the rear. Easy, isn’t it? But you will also need the four-way wrench to repair any puncture you may find on a tire. Unlike rotating wheels, this is a task only for the manliest of ‘men’. Apart from the wrench, you will also need a puncture repair kit. It may cost a bit and the procedure itself can be problematic but you definitely won’t regret doing it by yourself. Just be careful not to make any further damage and remember that there are limits to what can be fixed and when you need a new tire. And since we’re already talking about keeping it in good condition, remember about tyre proper inflation. And to check on that, you will need to have a good air pressure gauge as well as an air compressor. Just remember these tools need to be top quality if you want them to fulfill their functions without problems. Also, in the case of air compressors try to get the one that works as quietly as possible.

Jack for car lifting

Obviously, in order to make any use of the four-way wrench, you will need a quality jack. You won’t take off a wheel if you don’t lift a side of the car first. Naturally, the best solution would be to have either a lift or a tunnel under the vehicle. But these are solutions that cost hundreds of dollars (not to mention not everyone can get them) and getting a jack is a much cheaper option available for everybody. Again, you should also take it everywhere with you in case you pop a tire on the road. But it has much more uses so you’ll definitely need it a garage as well.

Toolbox with the essential instruments

But what good would be having a garage for if you didn’t have a toolbox with the essential instruments? A well-equipped box will allow you to make any operation not only on your car but in your home in general. But what should be in this box? Side cutters probably take the first spot. It’s simply impossible to compile a complete list of things you can do with them. Cutting wires, bending small metal parts, grabbing, or even using as a small hammer – this is just a teaser. Next is the pair of vise grips. This tool is indispensable when you need to grab and hold on to something. Furthermore, you cannot say you own a toolbox if there are no wrenches inside. The more, the better. Some people prefer to have a kit with exchangeable endings, others prefer to have old-school simple wrench keys. The point is to have them in different sizes so that you always have the right one for the job. Finally, don’t forget about good old screwdrivers. Just like with wrenches, you’ll need them in different types and sizes so that no screw can defeat you. Getting a screwdriver with a magnetic tip may be an especially good idea when tinkering around a car as a screw falling somewhere under the hood will probably be lost for good.

Let there be light in your garage

For an endnote, many people forget that light is also a tool. I cannot stress enough how important is proper lighting of your garage Not only it will allow you to spot the tiniest details under the hood or undercarriage, but also in a dim-lighted room eyes get tired much quicker, negatively influencing your eyesight in the long run. So make yourself a favor and ensure you have a good vision of everything inside regardless of the time of the day or the weather outside.

So remember, in a garage of a ‘real man’ you’ll always find: a four-way wrench, an air pressure gauge, air compressor, a jack, and a properly equipped toolbox. But most importantly, you will find that the conditions are conducive for work – the place is well lit and ventilated.