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New children’s book launched to help learn about family finances

Children from Tonypandy are some of the first in Wales to read a new book commissioned by Principality Building Society, which teaches families across the country the importance of learning about finances from a young age.

The book, called Goose’s Cake Bake, was read to primary school children from Ysgol Nantgwyn by Devon-based writer and artist Laura Wall as part of Money Advice Service Cymru’s Talk Money Week (12-18 November).  Goose’s Cake Bake tells the story of a child who organises a bake sale to raise money to buy books, using themes of entrepreneurship, decision making and financial education throughout. Principality will donate 2,000 copies of the books to schools across Wales as well as making a donation to the library at Ysgol Nantgwyn.

Throughout the annual Talk Money Week, Principality colleagues have also gone back to school to provide financial education lessons to more than 1,500 Welsh primary school children in more than 40 classes. The lessons aim to encourage children to think about money matters from an early age, covering how to save effectively from a young age and how to speak with their parents openly about money.

Julie-Ann Haines, Chief Customer Officer at Principality Building Society, said:

“It’s more important than ever to be teaching our children and young people about finances, giving them the knowledge and skills to both appreciate money and manage it effectively as they grow up.

“Principality and other businesses across Wales have a role to play in supporting our hard-working schools in helping to prepare children for life ahead. We’re so proud of the book we’ve commissioned with Laura and hope it will go some way to ensure financial education is a reality for children in schools in Wales.

“Principality colleagues across Wales see helping their local schools as an important way of immersing themselves in their communities. It’s what we stand for – helping people prosper at every stage of their lives and across all generations of families.”

As well as the lessons during Talk Money Week, more than 5,000 school children in Wales have benefitted this year alone from financial education classes with Principality colleagues and partners.

Laura Wall, author and illustrator of Goose’s Cake Bake said:

“Although I have written a series of children’s books in the past, using the theme of financial education was completely new to me. I know from my own literary research that books are a talking point for children and encourage them to ask questions. So I hope Goose’s Cake Bake will start conversations for parents, families and schools about financially educating young people to allow them to thrive in life.”

Goose’s Cake Bake has also been released on general sale.

Kirsty Retallick, headteacher at Ysgol Nantgwyn said:

“Using stories is a great way of introducing children to money and how to manage it effectively. The children were engrossed in the story when Laura read it to them, and along with the financial education lessons we think this will have a big impact on their outlook towards finances. We want our children to go on to be successful in the future in every aspect of their lives and the support of Principality will be so beneficial to ensuring that will happen.”