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New measures for Welsh hospitality industry

Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Licensing Team is advising businesses and residents of new measures for the hospitality industry, that will come into place when the current ‘firebreak’ lockdown ends.

The new measures, set out by the First Minster, will be introduced on Monday 9th November 2020 and will be reviewed after two weeks.

Hospitality premises, including pubs, clubs and restaurants will be required to put the following measures in place:

  • A Maximum of 4 people (not including children under 11 years), from different households, will be able to socialise, every effort should still be made by the business and the customer to ensure that they maximise distance at the table.
  • Families from the same household /extended household are permitted to sit together at the same table.
  • Entry to the premises must be controlled and time limited periods given, for example not exceeding two hours, in which customers may stay in the premises. Controlled entry includes pre-booking wherever possible with details of all members of the group taken as part of the booking and verified on arrival.
  • “Walk-ups” should be kept to a minimum and subject to access through a controlled entry point with provision and verification of names of all members of the group at that point.
  • Table Service only – customers must remain seated when ordering, being served and consuming food and drink.
  • Contact details of all persons visiting the premise must be recorded for track and trace purposes and premises must take reasonable measures to ensure that such contact information is correct.
  • All staff and customers should wear face coverings unless the person is under 11 or has a reasonable excuse not to wear the face covering (e.g. to eat or drink).
  • Alcohol sales must cease at 10.00pm and premises closed by 10.20pm.
  • Live Music continues to be prohibited and recorded music should be limited to background music only e.g which should not prevent a conversation being held at 2 metres.

Queries can be sent to the Council’s Licensing Team at [email protected]