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Penarth-based software testing tool continues to grow thanks to strong US presence

Penarth-based TestLodge has continued to cement itself as one of the leading, global software testing tools
Penarth-based TestLodge has continued to cement itself as one of the leading, global software testing tools after another strong year of growth.
In the last twelve months the company has increased its six-figure revenue by 25% and grown its profit by 23% thanks to a strong presence in US and EU markets.
TestLodge is a SaaS test-case management tool and is primarily used by companies as a way of organising and overseeing their software testing and development. The tool is regularly cited as being a necessary experience in software testing job descriptions, something that founder Scott Sherwood might not have anticipated when he bootstrapped the business back in 2013.
Scott said the continued growth of the business was thanks to the strong retention rate of its users, despite challenges the wider industry was facing following changes by Google.
The prominent search engine is renowned for tweaking its algorithms, however following the rise of AI-generated content, it’s added a greater focus on ‘experience’ which many companies have had to adapt as to how they evidence this over time.
Scott said: “Anyone who runs a company that relies on organic search holds their breath each time Google is said to have changed its algorithm. However, following the glut of AI-generated content out there, recent changes have had a particular shakeup for technical companies such as TestLodge.
“Thankfully, we’ve still had a strong year of growth thanks to our ethos of being user-led, meaning we have a strong retention rate. Whilst recent changes to the way users find us mean customers are harder won, it does result in them sticking with us throughout their careers – even if they change employers.
“When starting the business from my spare room in Penarth over a decade ago I didn’t anticipate that we’d have a global user base and enjoy year-on-year growth as we have done. Our ethos of listen, invest and improve has meant we continue to keep our users happy, and this isn’t something we’re going to change. We’re excited to see what we can achieve as we continue to develop the platform.”