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Poker in Wales: Are There Any Famous Welsh Poker Players?

The history of humankind is a history filled with many remarkable individuals and their accomplishments. For millennia, people have broken new ground in every conceivable area of life. Quite rightly so, we remember great writers and poets, skilful politicians and leaders, explorers, inventors, and our other extraordinary fellow humans.

The country of Wales isn’t lacking in the extraordinary department, either. The nation’s proud sons and daughters excel in various fields, especially sports and theatre arts.

In this article, we will be taking a look at two Welsh individuals who have made a name for themselves in the unusual and absorbing discipline of professional poker.

Roberto Romanello

There are many poker variations and ways to enjoy the game, either for free or using real money. Some beginners prefer to start by playing online, taking advantage of a valuable poker bonus or heading straight into multiple cash table games and tournaments.

While they’re both effective ways to get started in the poker world, it’s only by attending prestigious live events that a player will truly make a name for themselves in this business.

Swansea-born Roberto Romanello is no stranger to major worldwide poker tournaments, including the crown jewel of them all – the World Series of Poker.

Often referred to as the unofficial poker championship of the world, the WSOP is a celebrated poker festival that attracts some fearsome competition. For that reason alone, achieving any sort of substantial success here is not an easy feat.

Having had quite a few shots at it, it’s only recently that Romanello has been able to produce a significant result here, winning the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em #39 Event in the 2020 WSOP. The $216,213 prize money and coveted WSOP bracelet he walked away with, however, more than made up for his previous losses.

Romanello has also managed to reach the final tables of the reputable World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. In fact, he came out on top of the ETP’s Main Event in 2010, bringing home a title and a handsome $846,180 prize purse.

Dave Colclough

As opposed to his more successful countryman, Dave Colclough is in no position to improve his poker record. Sadly, he passed away in 2016 after returning to England from the Philippines that same year. He was best known for his appearances in various TV programmes dedicated to poker, most notably the series that helped popularise the game in the early 2000s – Late Night Poker.

Despite not having won any of the famed WSOP bracelets, Colclough managed to place in cash-winning positions a total of 17 times during his tournament career. His first appearance at the WSOP turned out to be the most fortunate, resulting in an $89,300 prize in 2000.

Colclough’s personal record, however, is a prize of $182,628 received for first place at the Main Event of the 2004 European Poker Championships in London.

Taking all of his live appearances into account, Dave Colclough’s total career earnings amount to $2,639,640.

A Welsh Poker Legacy

The Top 3 Wales All Time Money List wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Mansour Matloubi, a player whose live tournament earnings have also surpassed the one-million-dollar mark.

As successes and losses make or break poker careers, respectively, it has to be said that all of these players have achieved their share of glory and substantial winnings.