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Save Money on Your Car Repairs with These Practical Tips

Everyone is trying to save money where they can now. While your monthly bills will take a large chunk of your payslip, the unexpected bills make the most impact on your ability to save.

One example of an unexpected bill is your car repairs. Every driver will have to pay for repairs to keep their vehicle on the road at some point because it is almost impossible to live life without a working car. However, you could be paying too much. There are ways to save money on your car repairs, so read on to find out how.

Get Your Problem Fixed Early

Your car will show subtle signs when something isn’t working correctly. Most of these signs will not hinder your driving too much, which is why most drivers wait until the problem escalates to get their vehicle checked.

However, this approach is quite dangerous and will cost you more money in the long run. The worse the problem is, the more it is going to cost you to get repaired. Try to pay attention to what your car is telling you to get your car diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible to save yourself an even larger bill in the future.

Learn About Your Car

Every vehicle is different, which means that your vehicle will have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. These weaknesses are going to cost you money when it comes time to repair your car, so try to find out what problems are likely to affect the model of the car you own to prepare yourself as much as possible.

The internet is a hive of information, and you will find plenty of user reviews about your car with a quick search. These reviews are unbiased and will tell you the common problems that come with owning this type of car. If you are lucky, these reviews may also tell you how best to prevent these issues, making it less likely that you need to visit a garage and saving you money.

Invest in an OBD Reader

Modern technology has provided us with the smartphone. This one device comes with a plethora of handy tools, many of which can save you money. The essential app that you need when trying to save money on your car repairs is one that works with an OBD Reader.

OBD is an acronym for onboard diagnostics, and that is exactly what these handheld devices provide your car. Just connect the OBD device to your car and wait for the diagnostic report. The device will scan the fault memory of your vehicle and send an error code to your phone. You can learn about what the error code means by downloading the code reader app from Carly. This code reader software should translate the error message to let you know what the problem is with your car. Therefore, you no longer have to wait around and pay for a mechanic to diagnose your car at a garage. Just plug in your OBD Reader and wait to see what it tells you.

Shop Around for Parts

The easiest way to get your vehicle back on the road is by taking it to a local garage and having them both diagnose and fix the problem. However, this method isn’t always the cheapest.

Every repair shop will provide you with an itemized list on your bill. This list will include labor and parts, and the parts are what drives the price up. Every garage has its own supplier, and they will use them no matter the cost to the client. Therefore, you may find that you will find the parts you need cheaper elsewhere.

It is important to get your car diagnosed, but make sure that you have a look around for cheaper parts when you can. You will find lots of cheaper alternatives online, especially if you have an older make of car.

Get Everything Fixed at Once

In the paragraph above, it mentions how you can save money by getting the problems in your car fixed as early as you can. You will find a similar ethos here when it is suggested that you get everything fixed all at once when you visit the garage.

This approach will result in one large payment, so it is not going to be achievable for everyone. However, you will find that you save money in the future by getting as much of your car repaired in one trip to the garage, rather than waiting for every small problem to get worse. Each of these additional trips is only going to raise the cost of your repairs, so try to get everything topped up when you have the chance. It should be easy enough to accomplish with the right diagnostic tools.

Use a Trustworthy Mechanic

One of the main reasons why car repairs are so expensive is because it is a specialized skill. There are few people in the general public that know about the ins and outs of a working car, so you trust these professionals with every diagnosis and repair. Unfortunately, this gap in knowledge makes it easier for mechanics to be dishonest about the work that needs doing, which can lead to lofty prices.

Not every garage is going to be this dishonest, and you will find that there are more trustworthy mechanics out there than scammers. Therefore, you should stick with a mechanic that you trust once you can find one. They will reliably price up the repairs of your vehicle so that you do not waste any unnecessary funds. What’s more, these mechanics are big supporters of customer loyalty, so you may find that they may reduce their prices after repeat services.

Learn How to Make Minor Repairs                                              

While the general public is not well-versed in the school of car repairs, it is still a skill that you should have. You don’t have to worry about every detail that relates to your car, but there are some quick and easy car maintenance tricks that you should learn to save yourself time and money.

You should have a go at learning to replace a tire or car headlight. These are the two simplest car repairs that you can start with. This is especially true once you find out where to get some cheap car parts. However, everyone has a different set of skills, so look online to see what car repairs you think you can achieve. Of course, the main reason that garages exist is that they have all of the proper tools and safety equipment. Try not to attempt any repairs that could put you in danger of hurting yourself, and make sure that you always exercise caution.


Car repair is a very niche topic to learn about, which is why you may be caught out by a large bill next time your car needs a service. However, a healthy amount of knowledge about the subject can help you reduce your repair bills, so make sure you take the time out of your day to learn about diagnostics or manual fixes. One of these tools should reduce your car repair prices.