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Should I Contact My Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident?

A motorcycle accident leaves you in pain and with injuries that need proper medical treatment. Following such an accident, motorcycle insurance companies will often try to settle quickly without regard to what is best for you. Your motorcycle injury lawyer is uniquely qualified to protect your rights and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.

It’s not news that motorcycle insurance companies often offer a settlement that may be much lower than what you would receive if you were to hire an attorney. That said, there’s a legal process that should be followed in the compensation of motorcycle accidents.

Why Would I Require the Services of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?
While motorcycle insurance companies may try to settle quickly, motorcycle lawyers are focused on getting their clients’ maximum results. Insurance companies use various strategies to minimize the amount they pay in injury claims. They may even deny your claim if you’re not careful about what information and documentation you sign.

Some of the ways an insurance may try backing off from meeting your whole settlement include: Minimizing the seriousness of your injuries, Proving your injuries were not caused by an accident, Trying to hold you responsible for the accident, offering you a low-ball settlement, and Persuading you that you don’t need an attorney’s guidance in the claim process.

It’s essential to protect your rights in such an accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles will help you by negotiating with the insurance company so that they only pay out what is rightfully deserved and nothing less. They will also ensure that your medical bills have been cleared, and that you’ve also been adequately compensated for any other issues such as loss of income resulting from the accident.

How Long Must I Wait to Contact an Attorney?
In a legal case, time moves swiftly. You’ll require the services of an attorney as soon as possible following an accident if you want a better chance at winning compensation for damages, pain and suffering associated with it. You’ll also need to collect all the relevant evidence at an accident scene. This can be done by taking pictures and videos of the scene. Bystanders could also be potential witnesses for your case later on.

Determining Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Casualties
The compensation following such an accident may take various forms depending on the damages incurred. You should be compensated for all medical expenses – including those incurred in the past, present, and future treatments. Any reduced income earning capacity or lost earnings, modifications to accommodate a disability, funeral expenses and even intangible losses such as loss of companionship and consortium should also be adequately compensated. An attorney will also assist you in calculating the total costs arising from the damage. This will be imperative as it will be used as a benchmark in ensuring that you get rightfully compensated by the insurance company.

Motorcycle accidents are not only daunting to the victims but the family members and close friends of the victim as well. You should contact an attorney after motorcycle accidents. Not only will they help protect your rights and interests, but they will also ensure that you get compensated rightfully.