Red warnings only are issued when it is highly likely the weather will cause a high level of impact, and this warning is the first red warning for rain the Met Office has issued since December 2015.

This was the scene at A48 Western Avenue this morning

Spot the tennis courts at Hailey Park in Llandaff North

People in Pontypridd are being evacuated to hotels

Welsh Water are busy dealing with the affects of Storm Dennis

South Wales Fire & Rescue crews have been working throughout the night to keep people safe

Natural Resources Wales have issued a floodwater warning

Storm Dennis has brought heavy rain across the UK throughout the weekend, with multiple amber and yellow warnings in force until Monday, highlighting the risk of flooding and strong winds.

Credit: Met Office

Met Office Chief Meteorologist, Andy Page, said: “Whilst the heaviest rain has cleared from Northern Ireland and Scotland, England and Wales will continue to see heavy rain on Sunday, with a risk of severe flooding in places.

“In particular, heavy rain has led to severe flooding across parts of south Wales triggering a red rain warning, where around 140mm of rain  in total could fall, before it gradually eases this afternoon.”