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The biggest football bets ever won

Betting on football matches is a must among bettors all over the world; it is a way to fill the days of rest on the weekend with adrenaline, attending the most exciting matches and putting their visionary skills to the test. Some people place their bets in a professional way, studying statistics, data and developing systems based on mathematical bases – more details on Football Whispers – and there are those who take bets on football in a lighter way, occasionally focusing on the most common markets.

It is said, however, that luck is blindfolded and many times this saying has proved to be spot on, giving occasional players unexpected record wins: their poor preparation in fact leads them to make risky bets, almost impossible, rather challenging the fate than for a mere statistical calculation. Let’s see some of the record wins in the football betting universe.

The highest payout in history

It is the beginning of May in Kenya, when 27-year-old Samuel Abisai decides to fill out the usual weekend ticket: 17 matches spread over two different bets and markets, between common odds and combos. Nobody, not even him, would have ever imagined that those bets, placed for a total of around 2.00 Pounds, yielded a sum of around 2 million Pounds. The largest payout in the history of Kenya, considering gambling, lotteries and betting; overall the biggest win on football betting ever.

Samuel Abisai was interviewed by the most important newspapers in the world and his statements were peremptory: “I don’t think I will bet again!”. In a country where the average salary is around 120 Pounds a month, such a win is literally a life-changing miracle. The young man, who comes from a village a few miles from the capital Nairobi, worked for a Chinese company and specified that this amount of money will not only changed his life, but also will of influence community in which he lives, including the local football club: for this reason he has donated part of its winnings for social and sporting purposes.

The highest payout in England on a single football bet

When Leicester became Premier League champions in the 2015/2016 season, the entire world of football marked that day on the calendar. Every football fan followed Claudio Ranieri’s Foxes victory, but at the beginning of the season no one would have bet even a single penceon Leicester; or maybe not …

A bettor, with a stake of £ 50 earned over £ 72,000 after cashing out in March, following the pressure of bookmakers who could never have predicted the Foxes’ exploit at the beginning of the season. If this bettor had only left his bet for a few more weeks, he would have won at £ 250,000. Do you want to challenge fate? Check out the latest offers here.

Bravery instead rewarded Leigh Herbert, a Leicester fan, who continued with his 5000/1 bet. At the beginning of the year he placed £ 5 on Claudio Ranieri’s team win, then collected £ 2 (£ 5,600). The remaining £ 3 returned £ 15,000 in May for a total win of £ 20,600.