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The Importance Of Biodegradable And Eco-Friendly Cattle Bedding

There are a number of different options that are available when it comes to cattle bedding, and it can be hard to know which one to select. In today’s increasingly environmentally conscious society you may well find yourself contemplating those options that are biodegradable and more eco-friendly. In this article, we will take a look at these options and why they are a great choice for cattle bedding

Welfare of the animals

One of the major concerns for anyone involved in the care of cattle is their welfare. Biodegradable cattle bedding is a much softer option than more traditional types of bedding. This means that it will be more comfortable for cattle to rest on, and this is better for their overall welfare. Comfortable cattle are happy cattle and when you use biodegradable bedding you are also helping to reduce the potential risk of injury to your cattle.

Waste reduction 

Whatever type of bedding you use for your cattle you will need to ensure that it is replaced on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible at all times. When you opt for a biodegradable bedding, it can be recycled and composted which means that you will not need to spend as much on getting rid of it. The eco-friendly materials that are used for cattle bedding are much kinder to the environment and there is no need to send them to landfill which means that not only are your reducing your impact on the environment, but you are also being more environmentally conscious with your choices. Indeed, if it is not being composted, sometimes it can also be used as fertiliser which is even better. 

Improved health and hygiene

The materials that are used for biodegradable and eco-friendly cattle bedding are more naturally absorbent than some of the more traditional options on the market. This improved, natural, absorbency can help to keep your cattle dry, and therefore warmer, and this is better for their health. Drier bedding that has a better absorbency rate for any moisture that it comes into contact with can help to reduce the risk of bacteria around your cattle. This can therefore reduce the risk of diseases. Anything that helps to keep your cattle healthier and happy whilst also having the added benefit of helping to keep your vets bills lower is well worth considering. 

Environmentally sustainable

Those cattle beddings that are made of biodegradable materials are far more environmentally sustainable. In a climate where everyone is trying to do their bit for the environment, every little bit really does help. Buying a biodegradable option means that you are doing your bit and when you buy from a company who produces this type of product you are helping them to continue to be more environmentally friendly and reduce the carbon footprint of their business. The other important consideration to think about is that eco-friendly cattle bedding also helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that there are. 

Consumer perception

Finally, with easy access to the internet, today’s buyers have a world of products at their fingertips, and this means that when there is plenty of choice, they can  afford to be a little picker in which companies they choose to do business with. Many consumers will opt for those companies who they perceive to be offering something that is an eco-friendlier option, and this means that biodegradable is likely to be high on their list of properties when considering cattle bedding.