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The Problems a Good Managed IT Service Provider Can Help You Solve

To stay competitive, businesses must ensure that their IT solutions are running as efficiently as possible. Any IT issues that cause downtime or a reduction in productivity can have serious ramifications that spread throughout the business. The good news is that businesses do not need in-house IT experts to stay on top of their IT infrastructure and operations.

Managed IT services give businesses the support they need for their critical IT infrastructure and operations. In this article, we will be looking at some of the most common IT challenges an IT service provider can help you overcome.

High Costs Related to IT

Investing in different technologies and the staff to take care of it all has never been cheap. Businesses have to think about the hardware and software required, as well as put together an in-house team of experts who have the necessary skills to ensure everything works smoothly.

Hiring employees can get costly when you consider payroll, employee benefits, equipment, office space, overtime, recruiting, training, and other costs.

Managed IT service providers help businesses reduce these costs by providing them with qualified and experienced IT experts for a fraction of what it would have cost them otherwise. The team is managed by the vendor, so you also get the secondary benefits of a team with high productivity and streamlined processes from day one.

You also get the opportunity to tailor the services you get to exactly what you need. This means you only pay for what you need, and this helps keep costs low.

Cybersecurity Threats

With most businesses using at least one online service and collecting and storing massive amounts of data, cybersecurity threats are a serious issue. Because an IT support team is meant to help keep your business safe, they have to ensure they monitor for, detect, and eliminate cybersecurity threats before they do irreparable damage.

Taking care of cybersecurity threats is much more important for small to medium-sized businesses. Many businesses in this category do not take cybersecurity seriously because they think malicious actors are interested in larger businesses and enterprises.

This is not true, and this thinking is one of the reasons why small to medium-sized businesses have become a target for malicious actors.

Businesses must implement procedures and policies that keep their data safe, protect their devices, educate their employees about cybersecurity, and manage access to personal and sensitive information.

Businesses can partner with cybersecurity experts to ensure their systems and infrastructure are as safe as possible. One example can be seen with Texaport who provides IT support and managed IT services to businesses of all sizes. They also provide in-house training for staff on cybersecurity issues, help businesses utilise cloud services, provide data cabling services, and are available 24/7 to help you deal with any IT issues you encounter.

Slow Innovation

Technology is advancing and changing all the time. Businesses must follow these advancements and changes, implementing them to give their team the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition. Businesses that do not adapt when technology changes risk being overtaken and left behind.

Managed IT companies provide businesses with access to these technologies wherever they need them. These companies are made to adapt, and this is why they often have access to cutting-edge technologies other businesses might not have.

Fast adaptation, access to modern resources, and experience gained from working with the latest technologies give businesses access to technological advancements they can implement and take advantage of quickly.


As your business grows, it will likely hire more people and need the infrastructure it has to keep up. Scalability is key to maintaining business growth, and businesses have to be able to scale up and down quickly by having access to the resources they need when they need them.

In-house teams might have a hard time scaling quickly, but companies providing managed IT services do not have this issue. Because they have access to lots of resources, they can make them available to you quickly allowing you to scale as demand grows.

Also, having an off-site team available allows you to delegate some of your tasks to them. This leaves your in-house team to handle everything going on as the business scales. While your team focuses on strategic goals, the other team can focus on ensuring your infrastructure is robust enough to handle scaling.

Data Safety

Apart from cybersecurity, data loss is a very serious issue in a business. There are many causes of data loss, but a managed IT service can help shield you from its devastating effects.

They can do this by ensuring proper and distributed backups, so you have your data stored in different locations for additional safety.

About four-fifths of all businesses hire managed IT service companies. These services help them solve critical business issues that would be difficult or expensive to handle in-house.