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The Ultimate Cord-Cutting Guide for Rookies in 2021!

For the Gen X and Y, Cable TV was once a necessity for accessing entertainment. With hundreds of channels available at the flick of a button, watching cartoons, movies, series in front of old television sets and LCDs was quite normal and common.

However, times have changed significantly since then – thanks to the inception of the internet. New streaming services have appeared online, granting quicker access to entertainment of various kinds and genres, from countries all over the world.

OTT media platforms like Netflix and Hulu have gradually changed the landscape of how we access entertainment and the pandemic has further skyrocketed their popularity. As a result, people are now cutting the cords more frequently than ever.

The primary reason being; viewers can access a wide variety of impressive content that perfectly matches with their own interests and moods. So, here are five effective tips cord cutting tips to expand your entertainment horizons and improve your binge-watching experience!

1. Use a VPN Service to Bypass Geo-Restrictions

People love binge-watching, and one of their top requirements is access to diversified streaming services. Many big names like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon, and HBO offered their video content in the licensed regions to protect their copyrights, which is fair enough.

What does this mean exactly? Well, let’s say you live in the UK or somewhere else and want to access Hulu. The second you try signing up for an account or playing a title, you’ll be denied access and will receive an error, which says “Hulu is not available in your region”.

This can be quite frustrating for cord-cutters, but there is always a solution to every problem. In such circumstances, VPNs are the perfect solution for bypassing geo-restrictions. Therefore, if you want to watch Hulu in the UK, all you need to do is connect to a VPN server in the US.

You can read more about this at https://www.huluinuk.com/, which shows cord-cutters how they can use a VPN to bypass geo-blockades and content limitations on various devices/platforms!

2. Subscribe to a Service Only If You Need it

One of the essential factors to cord-cutting is understanding which service is the perfect choice for you. Although, you can add or discard subscriptions whenever you want, there should be one primary SVoD service you have access to. You can always then check for other alternatives based on your needs.

For instance, if you want a live sports TV service, pay for it only when events are happening, and you’ll find ample time for watching. Similarly, if you’re want to stream on HBO Max, check their shows, movies, and other content. Did they match your interest or need?

It’s important to ask these questions, as you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on something you’re only going to be using once and then forget about in the future!

3. Avail Smart Bundle Offers to Save Cash

If you feel services like Disney Plus, don’t have all the channels you need, but Hulu has Live TV that offers 70 channels like CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, National Geographic, HGTV, Boomerang, Animal Planet, and others, it’s time to merge them by availing a bundle offer.

The Disney Bundle is among the most popular choices in the marketplace right now, allowing users to explore all content from three different streaming services, including Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, with the basic or Live TV option. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Keep a Vigilant Eye on Raising Prices

If you get cable from your internet provider, there is a chance that they will trick you into canceling the cable by increasing the price of your internet service. It is typically known as “unbundling,” and such mafioso style strategy is meant to keep you locked up.

Third-party companies who indulge in such practices will make all efforts to stop you from cutting the cable, but if you feel the additional cost isn’t justified, make sure to cancel your cable TV then and there.

You already pay a lot for platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, and more, and their prices will rise as online streaming continues to skyrocket!

5. Avoid Rushing into Cutting the Cord

We all know Cable TV consumes a lot of our home budget. According to a report from Decision Data, the average household cable package is now $217.42/mo. The repeated mistake that most individuals make is, hurrying up the cord-cutting process, which is truly not a good idea.

If you run fast into cutting the cords, you can add a lot of unnecessary stress to the process and end up subscribing to a lot of services. However, taking small actions to cut cable services can help you avoid overpaying simply for accessing entertainment.

These small actions include things like identifying which streaming service suits you, how much you should pay, what bundle offers can double your entertainment in economical package, and figuring out whether you really need to subscribe to a range of different services!

Wrapping Up

You have literally thousands of options that serve much better in terms of both quality and quantity as compared to traditional cable TV subscriptions. These services provide you access to TV shows, movies, documentaries, sports events, talk shows, Kid’s entertainment, and other diversified content.

You can see a wide range of content on Sling TV, Philo TV, MLB.TV, Sesame Street Go, PBS Kids, WWE Network, NHL Game Center Live. These websites offer live streaming, and they are cost-effective than traditional cable tv services.

Traditional cable TV consumes a lot of budgets and offers less content for its viewers. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips in this guide will open a new world of entertainment for you to access the top demanding services in the world from anywhere within a friendly budget!