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Tips and Tricks To Unlock And Avail The Services Of Hulu In The UK Region

Hulu is an American internet streaming service, like Disney Plus and Netflix. Around the world, Hulu has a huge following of binge-watch enthusiasts.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to watch Hulu if you’re not in the US; therefore, if you live in the United Kingdom, you can’t access it. It’s a bummer for UK residents since Hulu offers a wealth of original programming and series that are constantly topping the charts.

But, relax as there’s no need to be concerned since we’ve assembled this tutorial with extra attention for UK binge-watchers, allowing them to stream Hulu in the UK region. Here’s a detailed tutorial on Tips and Tricks To Unlock And Avail The Services Of Hulu In The UK Region

How To Watch Hulu In The UK:

  • Unblock Hulu By Using A VPN

Follow this simple guide, you will be amazed to know how simple it is to enjoy Hulu in the UK.

  1. If you haven’t already, register for a Hulu account, get registered for it.
  2. You need a VPN subscription from the Best VPN Providers. ExpressVPN, a highly recommended VPN, that will get you access to Hulu outside of the USA.
  3. Get the VPN app ( ExpressVPN) downloaded and installed on your preferred device.
  4. Connect to ExpressVPN and log-in through your provided credentials
  5. To access Hulu, you need to connect to the ExpressVPN US server labeled for US Hulu.
  6. When you’re connected, visit Hulu’s official website at https://www.hulu.com to sign in and watch Hulu Movies and shows from the UK.

2. Unlock Hulu With Smart DNS:

Another solution to watch Hulu in the UK is to use Smart DNS Proxy, which allows you the ability to set up a secondary DNS server address for your internet connection. Simply enter that address into your LAN settings before trying again.

This will allow you to change your current location digitally and will virtually place you in the desired region, such as someone sitting in the UK can be virtually located in the US.

With a Smart DNS Proxy, you can easily access Hulu from outside of the US. Even better, you’re able to enjoy videos through various devices including Android phones or Apple TV for an improved viewing experience on your device of choice.

Stream Hulu Anywhere Around The Globe

VPNs are a great choice for people who want to watch entertainment and TV-shows online. They work by routing you through sites that have servers in other regions, which enables you to bypass any region restrictions the streaming service may have put in place.

The VPN helps its users to watch Hulu anywhere around the globe.One of the key features about VPN is its emphasis on protecting your anonymity and securing your personal information.

If you are traveling, don’t worry about missing your favorite program on Hulu. You can use a VPN to watch it from abroad if you have a short stay in the UK,  Australia, New Zealand, Canada or any other country around the world.

Therefore, the use of VPN is the best choice to access Hulu across different locations.

Subscribe To Hulu In UK Via A Non-US Payment Method

Luckily, there are a few workarounds that will still give you access to content on the US-based streaming site like Hulu.

In the vein of being able to use Hulu in the UK, there are three options for subscription.

  1. Get a US Virtual Prepaid Card.
  2. Get a Hulu Gift Card.
  3. Get help from a friend residing in the US.

 1. Get a US Virtual Prepaid Card.

In order to obtain a Hulu account in the UK, you’ll need to purchase a US Virtual Credit Card. You can get these by visiting the StatesPay official website; an authentic streaming optimization service https://www.statespay.com

When your virtual card becomes available, transfer the amount from any financial service such as Visa. Now you can get access to Hulu in the UK by simply using your US virtual card.

  • Get A Hulu Gift Card:

The best way to get a Hulu subscription in the UK is straight-forward and simple.It is the simplest way to get a Hulu subscription in the UK.

Here are some steps to up Hulu in the UK.

  1. Buy a Hulu Gift Card and receive an email shortly after with a code.
  2. Get an account with the premium VPN Provider(US server). We recommend ExpressVPN , its fast blazing speed and unlimited bandwidth will let you watch Hulu in other countries by connecting to the US server.
  3. Go to https://secure.hulu.com/start/gifting, enter the code that you received via an email and click on “register”
  4. Follow the Hulu sign-up procedure with US zip code (62142).
  5. Now you are ready to enjoy your favorite Hulu shows and movies anywhere in the world.

3. Get Help from A Friend Residing in The US

Hulu is a US-based streaming service that can only be accessed within the US. To get access in the United Kingdom, you can either ask someone who resides in the region to purchase a Hulu subscription for you or use a VPN (we recommend ExpressVPN).

The easiest of all methods is simply asking any friends or family members that reside in the US to buy a Hulu subscription for you. You will still need a VPN in order to access Hulu while outside of the US, and our recommendation is ExpressVPN because it has superb performance and fast- blazing speed.

REWARD: The streaming service Hulu offers a free trial of their services for one month on the first signup.

To start your free trial: Go to https://secure.hulu.com/start/gifting, enter the code that you received via email and then create your screen name and password in order to enjoy all of Hulu for 30 days with no obligations.


In this blog, we tried to provide you with all the necessary information about how you can stream Hulu in the UK.. We hope that this article proves beneficial for anyone seeking specific details on a particular topic.