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Top 5 Biggest Online Jackpot Winners of All Times

It’s an amazing gambling world online, whether you are into the slots, table games, or video poker, and the entire excitement narrows down to the winnings. Here, the lucky player goes home with his jackpot. While there are many losses to count in the course of the games, there are also wins, which is why we are here with the top 5 of the biggest online jackpot winners of all time. Gambling at online casino Australia has its benefits and a fair share of losses. For some fortunate people in the online world of the casino, they’ve parted with mega millions that have changed their life forever. These lucky ones are now models of success in the casino industry and are proud of their achievements. In this article, we will bring to you 5 of the most remarkable and biggest online jackpot winners in history. 

1. Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah $23.6 Million 

The Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah slot is a five-reel, 243 ways to win game from Microgaming. Available to play on all devices from 20p a spin, it comes with Rolling Reels, which can give you a 5x multiplier on consecutive wins. The game of Mega Moolah is reputed for having the most winners in history. So it takes the number one spot as a record holder for the highest payout in the history of $23.6 million. It happened at the Napoleon Sports & Casino in April of 2021. A player from Belgium was the lucky winner and floored the latest champion sending him one spot behind. In terms of Euros, it was valued at €19 430 723.60, which is a massive figure. The Absolutely Mad slot game of Mega Moolah is a casino game adaption of Alice in Wonderland by Triple Edge Studios, which is now having its name famed across the world, thanks to the lucky Belgian. 

2. Mega Moolah $23.5 Million 

Remember, the Mega Moolah is famous for having the most wins in history, and it takes the number 2 spot at a staggering value of $23.5 million, which in euros is €18 915 721. Apparently, there was a champion who eclipsed the ace in 2013. On September 28, 2018, Mega Moolah carved its name in the history of rewarding jackpots for good. Although the details and identity of the player are still sketchy, what we do know is that, at the time of winning this slot in 2018, he won the Guinness World Record of being the highest online jackpot winner. 

But slot players are very resilient, and they would be defeated by another winner. He won it at the Grand Mondial Casino, where he shattered a world record and etched his name in history. He won it after a few spins, which were less than 50, and the bet was just a meager $0.75 per spin, which seems incredible, right? That’s what makes these things epic. 

3. Mega Fortune $21 Million 

Mega Fortune stole the number 3 spot for the typical explanation of luck when a young man in his 40s from Finland bagged home the eight figures jackpot. The history was created at a Casino in Scandinavia known as PAF. It was valued in Euros at €17 861, 800 and this happened in 2013 when he staked a 25% bet on a progressive slot game of Mega Fortune. 

This jackpot game gave him his biggest jackpot ever from Net Entertainment, and he lived to tell his story. He actually did cry and laugh at the same time, which placed him in a bit of an emotional confusion where joy and sorrow met. But we think that joy overwhelmed him and placed sorrow miles away after his confusion was over. It was an astonishing win for both player and host, and history was made. He further drove home the point that you can play online casinos for real money and actually cash out. It’s not that easy, but always worth it in the end. 

4. Mega Moolah $19.9 Million 

Mega Moolah returns to the picture with a $19.9 million win when a young military dude in the UK stake a $0.25 bet and parts with a lifetime fortune-changing jackpot. And if you are thinking that a $1.50 bet leading to 8 figures for a winner is absolutely ridiculous, then I guess this record should change your perspective about winning. You can win with the smallest bet, and that is why luck is there to guide and bring you into a place of wealth. His name is Jonathan Heywood from Chesire, UK, and he carved his name in the stones of history as one of the biggest winners of all time. But here is the interesting part, Heywood is a British soldier and perhaps one of the youngest on the list at 26 years old, which was in 2015. This happened at the Betway Casino, and Heywood promised to use the bulk of his jackpot win to take proper care of his sick father, who was quite emotional. At first, the 26-year soldier thought it was all happening in his head, or perhaps he was dreaming. But it was real when he was congratulated by the micro gaming CEO, Roger Raatgever. 

5. Arabian Knights $17.3 Million 

The last on the top 5 list goes to a player from Norway who was rooted in the online casino game and got his payday in one lucky moment. It was in 2011, and it happened at the Betsson Online Casino with the Arabian Knights Slot Game online. This win went crazy as nobody thought that a game like Arabian Nights could land you up in a jackpot-winning like this. Arabian nights is an online slot game that was wildly famous among people in the 2010s. 

This game is, however, not available for players in the United States, where a vast population there are into online casinos. The game is produced by Net Entertainment, which also owns some online casinos across the United States. But the game can be accessible to Americans in other countries safe for the U.S. 

Other Biggest Wins in History Worthy of Mention Include

There’s one online casino player from Norway who won a jackpot slot valued at $8.63 million at the Folkeautomaten Casino in 2017. It happened at the Halls of God’s casino. But then another player in Betsson Casino increased the stakes with an $8.73 million win. 

Another honourable mention is Georgios M., who bagged home $8.6 million and made it clear that you can actually achieve your dreams in cash. He was just a businessman from Greece and brought renewed hope for all players that just one small moment could change their life around for good. He won it in 2009 and became the biggest winner of that era which is why he is worthy of mention here. 

So, this list serves as a hope for all players out there to keep it up and never lose hope.